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The Vellumentals' Castle!

The main gimmick of this board is that the Vellumentals send the players on "Star Quests". These star quests consist of the Vellumental asking if the current player could deliver a present to a different Vellumental. Earth-Water, Water-Ice, Ice-Fire and Fire-Earth. One at the Star Space, the present opens revealing that there was a Bob-omb inside! This sends you and any other players caught in the blast back to start. Then, depending on the Vellumental, you get to buy a star. Earth Cost - 5 Coins, Water Cost - 10 Coins, Fire Cost - 15 Coins and Ice Cost - 3 Coins. Then you repeat the process.

Earth Main - The Earth Vellumental asks if you would like to scrub his feet. Depending on how well you do, you get a varying amount of coins.
Earth Fire Quest Path - A Boulder chases you down a path!
Water Spouts - You gain some coins then lose some.
Fire Fireballs - Lose an item. If you are lucky, you get to keep your item.
Ice Iceballs - DO NOT LAND ON THESE SPACES! They will REDUCE your happening star amount by 1 AND make your next roll 1-3, like a poison mushroom.

Special Arrow Events:
DISCLAIMER: I'm not sure but I think that there is a limit for turned arrows in MP3. Some arrows might look odd but in the editor they look perfectly fine.
Earth Vellumental Fair-izer - The Earth Vellumental uses his new device to give poor players the rich players coins and vise versa.
Earth Vellumental Item Shop - Buy exclusive items from the Earth Vellumental!
Water Vellumental Blast - The Water Vellumental asks if you would like him to blast an opponent. These blasts can either Slow-Curse the target, Reverse-Curse them or both.
Fire Vellumental Fly-Guy Carry - Carry an opponent to your current space!
Ice Vellumental Mr. Blizzard Snowball - Mr. Blizzard asks if you want to throw a snowball. The target will lose items if you do.
Ice Vellumental Ice Show (NEW!) - In this, you are given the choice to give Mr. Blizzard your item and have him double it's coin value or give it to Freezie and he will turn it into a better item. Beware, though, because they might backfire!

Other Things:
2 Skeleton Gates
1 Boo
2 Banks
2 Item Shops
1 Star Space
72 Blue Spaces (Maybe 71 I might have mis-counted)
23 Red Spaces
11 Item Spaces
5 Battle Spaces
3 Game Guy Spaces
15 Happening Spaces
3 Bowser Spaces

I have made a lot of changes since the first version, which is why it is v1.6 instead of v1.1. I also had a lot of crashes happen and I (hopefully) fixed them. If you experience any crashed in this version, please let me know.
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