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"Welcome to the Pirate Dream! This is a world inspired by dreams of treasure hunting! Caves full of riches, pirate ships... That's what awaits you in this swashbuckling stage!"

This board is an adaptation of Mario Party 5's Pirate Dream board for Mario Party 3. The functionality of the board's events and mechanics are very close to what they are on Mario Party 5, although some events were slightly adjusted for balance purposes or to combine them with Mario Party 3's mechanics. Here's a list of the events and mechanics that you will find on this board. If you wish to go into the board blind, please ignore the spoiler-tagged area below.

Core Mechanics:
  • At the start of the game, 4 Item Spaces, and 2 Chance Time, Game Guy, Battle, Bank Spaces are distributed around the board, overwriting a Blue/Red Space for the rest of the game (Like MP5 Capsules do). This comes to a total of 12 "Capsule" Spaces.
  • There is 1 static Boo Space, and 1 static Duel Space. The Boo Space works like Mario Party 3's, allowing you to steal coins or a star from one of your rivals. The Duel Space allows you to challenge another player to a coin duel. You must land on these spaces for them to activate, passing will not work.
  • There is 1 static Tumble Space, selected at random from a pool of 4 Blue Spaces at the start of the game. Tumble Spaces replace DK Spaces. You may get Tumble Giveaway, Tumble Bonus, or Tumble Roulette. Tumble Giveaway gives all the players a range of coins. Tumble Bonus will give the landing player an amount of coins. Tumble Roulette has a chance to give the landing player a star. You must land on this space for it to activate, passing will not work. For the odds of each event's outcomes, please see the "Stats for nerds" section below.
  • There will be 1 Bowser Space, which will replace a random Red Space at the beginning of the game. If a Bowser Capsule is obtained from the Item Machine, another Bowser Space will replace a random Red Space.
Passing Events:
  • Item Shop/Machine: There is a 40% chance to get a Toad Item Shop, 20% chance to get a Baby Bowser Item Shop, and a 40% chance to get the Item Machine. If accepted, the Item Machine will dispense a random item for the player, and charge them the cost of the item at half price. Rare Items are given at 13 coins. Everything rounds up. For the odds of getting each item, please see the "Stats for nerds" section below.
  • Thwomp Toll: This event works like Thwomp does on Mario Party 1 & 2. There's a set minimum amount of coins that you must pay Thwomp in order to pass. If you do pay that amount, the next player will have to pay at least the same of coins the last player did, plus one, in order to pass. If you have a Skeleton Key, you may give it to Thwomp in order to pass. The Thwomp cannot be accessed from behind it by going in reverse.
  • Whomp Toll: This event works like Whomp does on Pirate Dream. If you pay him 10 Coins, he'll allow you to pass. If you have a Skeleton Key, you may give it to Whomp in order to pass. The Whomp cannot be accessed from behind it by going in reverse.
  • Cave Shortcut: If you reverse yourself into the cave in the middle, you'll be able to come out of the other side!
Happening Spaces:
  • Watch for Rolling Rocks: A boulder will roll down from the cave on the top left and any player in the path of the rails will be moved near the fossil on the right.
  • Waterfall: The landing player will fall down all the way into the Blue Space at the bottom of the waterfalls.
  • Cannon: The landing player will be blasted into 1 of the 3 Blue Spaces marked with a cannon sign. If there's another player already on that Space, that player will lose 50 Coins.
  • Treasure Hunt: For 5 coins, the landing player will be able to go on a treasure hunt, in which they will receive 1 coin for every 2 (A) presses they can do in 5 seconds.
  • If you go in reverse while being on the START Space, the game will show a prompt once you go over the Battle Space, which will allow the player to choose whether they want to go to the left, or to the right. Due to coding limitations, it doesn't work as the game would normally handle it, but it's functionally the same.

Stats for nerds:
Item Machine odds:

Tumble Space Odds:

Version 3.0 Notes:
  • Added "Capsule Spaces" that randomize 12 Blue/Red Spaces at the start of the game, turning them into Item, Battle, Game Guy, Chance Time, or Bank Spaces.
  • Added Skeleton Key functionality, allowing players to give Thwomp or Whomp one in order to pass.
  • Added Mario Party 3's Item Shops to the Item Machine, making it a random chance between the Shops and the Machine.
  • Item Machine now gives items at half price, and the odds for each placing have been reworked.
  • Added Mario Party 5's Bowser Space distribution method, choosing 1 at the beginning of the game and adding more if players pull a Bowser Capsule from the Item Machine.
  • Added Mario Party 5's DK Space distribution method for Tumble Spaces. It now chooses 1 of the 4 Blue Spaces at the beginning and turns it into a Tumble Space for the rest of the game.

Version 2.0/2.1/2.2 Notes:
  • Slightly adjusted the item drop rates/prices on the Item Machine.
  • The Treasure Hunt Happening is now more accurate to the original, where you press (A) repeatedly to get coins.
  • Added animations/transitions/voices/messages to all the events for clarity purposes.
  • 2 Star Spawns have been removed, leaving the original 6 that are in Mario Party 5.
  • Fixed issue where Boulder Warp wouldn't affect players on a specific space.
  • Fixed a bug where Hidden Blocks would spawn after the Boulder/Cannon events.
  • Fixed an issue where the Waterfall event would crash on Everdrive 64.

Known bugs/glitches:
  • None, don't break my board pls
Final Words: Please report any bugs or glitches you find to me. You can find me on Discord as Airsolan on the Mario Party Legacy channel, or the Mario Party Netplay channel. This board is likely finished, so there will likely not be any future updates unless a big breakthrough is made.

Credits: (Thank you for your help)
  • PartyPlanner64 (Event Coding)
  • gamemasterplc (Event Coding)
  • YRay (Mechanics Testing)
  • SpongyYoshi (Board Images)
  • Pitch (Mechanics Testing)
  • Maciaga (Everdrive Testing)
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