Multiple Item Slots

MP2 Multiple Item Slots

Event Type
  1. Landing Event
  2. Before Player Turn Event
Input Required
Yes (Parameter)
Programming Language
MIPS (Assembly)

These events are designed to allow the player to hold up to three items at once. Besides the main item, up to two extra items can be held in the player's reserve slots. At the start of their turn, the player can select which item to make their main item, allowing them to choose a different item to use or to free up their main item slot so they can receive a new item from events or the Shop.

Setup Item Slots prepares the reserve item slots by writing in the "no item" index, and is only activated on the 1st turn. It also turns the multiple item slots flag in memory ON so that other events can accommodate the reserve slots when referencing it. This event should be set as "Before turn".
Switch Item Slots brings up the prompt and allows the player to switch their main item with a reserve item. This event should be set as "Before dice roll".
Multiple Item Space Helper shifts the player's main item into a reserve slot when landing on an Item Space, assuming they have open reserve slots. This event should be placed on every Item Space as a "Land-on event".

Setup Item Slots can be easily toggled to switch between 1-item and multiple-item play for your board. Set the parameter "MultipleItems" to true and the event will be turned ON. This will also allow other events to reference the multiple item slots flag in board memory.

Special thanks to Rain for making new advances in MP2 custom event coding and for documenting various memory addresses, and to PP64 for setting up the board overlay!

These events should be Everdrive-compatible. If there are any issues, please do not hesitate to let me know!

Edit Log:

EDIT (v1.4):
-Setup Item Slots: The "Toggle" parameter has been renamed to "MultipleItems" to be more user-friendly.

EDIT (v1.4):
-Switch Item Slots: Now uses the "GetRandPromptSelection" function from the board overlay.

EDIT (v1.3):
-Setup Item Slots: Now writes into board RAM to turn the multiple item slots flag ON. Removed the non-toggleable version.
-Switch Item Slots: No longer uses the "Toggle" parameter, instead referencing the multiple item slots flag to activate.
-Added the "Multiple Item Space Helper" event.

EDIT (v1.2):
-Switch Item Slots: Reduced file size by replacing the mini function "WaitOnCursor" with the in-game function.

EDIT (v1.1):
-Switch Item Slots: Added the option to view map. Special thanks to PartyPlanner64 for providing the function!
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