Kaleidoscope Woods

MP3 Kaleidoscope Woods

Positives :
-I like the happening space with the Yoshi winged cloud producing coins and felt as if it synergized well with the theme of the board
-The underlying image of the board is well made

-After the first item shop theres a strip of 14 spaces and then boo after boo you must traverse another 14 spaces before you reach a junction. Without an item this path can feel extremely long and brutal
-Board layout is a little confusing was unsure of where junctions led to until I reached junction space
-Happenings don’t feel board tailored

-happening spaces that feel tailored to the board
-Arrows for the junctions
-Shorten the 28 Space strip or add a junction in between

Thank you for letting me play your game you worked very hard on it this is just how I felt personally
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