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Join the party at Bowser's Carnival! Here, you'll find thrilling rides, excessive gambling, and exotic souvenirs!

Custom Music: Mario 3D World - World Bowser Theme

Custom Events:
The custom events unique to this board were created by Rainchus. All other events were taken from the forum repository, and were created by Airsola and MarioComix. This board would not be possible without their tremendous efforts. Thank you

  • Bowser Express: for a few coins, ride Bowser's train a few spaces to increase your movement. Koopa Kard holders get to ride for free! You do not lose the card when using the stations.
  • Landing Bowser Express: can't afford the Bowser Express? No Problem! There's a chance you can sneak onboard with some happening spaces.
  • Warp to the Gambling Ring: do you like gambling? Then the Gambling Ring is the place for you! Some happening spaces will take you there (whether you want to go or not).
  • Game Guy's Hut: want to go to the Gambling Ring voluntarily? Then go visit Game Guy at his hut! If you have a Lucky Charm, he'll take you there (you keep your item too). You can also sell him the lucky charm for some money if you don't want it!
  • Find a Lucky Charm: there's a chance you'll find a Lucky Charm in the Gambling Ring!
  • Bowser's Item Booth: if you visit Bowser's item booth, he'll sell you some rare items such as Lucky Charms, Koopa Kards, and even a Whacky Watch! Can't afford them? Well... Bowser may not be happy about that...
  • Ferris Wheel: the Ferris Wheel is a lot of fun! For Baby Bowser... he spins it so fast that you become dizzy (reverse curse), or sick (slow curse)!

Board Strategies:

  • Use the Bowser Express to pass your opponents and get to the star before them.
  • Want to gamble safely? Buy Lucky Charms from Bowser for 30 coins each, go gamble in the Gambling Ring, and then sell the Lucky Charms to the Game Guy Hut to get your 30 coins back!
  • If you plan to use the Bowser Express, buy the Koopa Kard early to increase your movement options; don't forget that it also can nab the coins at the bank when you're done with it!
  • If there are more than 30 coins in the bank, buy the Koopa Kard from Bowser and then go straight to the Bank right after!
  • You can use the Ferris Wheel to get "stuck" intentionally, and potentially nab the Happening Bonus Star at the end!
  • If you want to get to Boo, it may be worth it to ride the Bowser Express, since the Ferris Wheel can really slow you down.
  • If you want to play safely, having a skeleton key can help you skip half the Gambling Ring, or go visit Boo and skip Bowser.

If there are any bugs, let me know! Enjoy!
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You were overcome by the urge to gamble.

Great board. I've played this one a few times and it's always great. In particular, I am blown away by how good the board art looks. It screams effort and makes the experience that much more enjoyable. My only feedback would be the Boo feels like it is too close to the item shop, and has some potential big Reverse Mushroom abuse strategies, but that doesn't take away too much. Great work!
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