Clockwork Castle

This is probably the most unique board to ever make it into a Mario Party game. Unlike any other board, there is no set space or place that you have to buy the star from. DK is the star space on this board in this very intriguing concept. After everyone takes their turn, DK then gets a dice block of his own to move around the board. If DK runs into a player and the player has at least 20 coins, that player can buy a star. Players can also buy stars by running into DK on their turn, then DK will move away to a random location on the board.

But as with every board in Mario Party 6, things change when the night phase begins. And during the night turns at Clockwork Castle, DK is replaced by Bowser. Bowser gives out Ztars instead of Stars which really mixes up the pot. Like DK, Bowser gets a turn of his own after everyone else moves and can run into you. The idea of Bowser and DK alternating makes the third turn of the day and night fazes very strategical as during the day you might want to run away from DK before he turns into Bowser and during the night you might try to get somewhat close to Bowser to position yourself to be in good shape to get DK when night time is over.

And if that wasn’t enough strategy for you, the board just makes things ten times crazier. During the day, the board direction rotates clockwise, but when night time comes, the direction gets switched to counter-clockwise. Also, there are six warp pipes on the board: at the top left, top middle, top right, bottom left, bottom middle, and bottom right. During the day, four of the pipes function, one green pipe on top and and one on the bottom and one red pipe on top and one red pipe on the bottom. But in the night the red pipes are disabled leaving only one pipe set functioning. The placing of the pipes is random and can be changed by landing on certain happening spaces on the board.

Despite how bizarre this board is, I actually found it to be fun. I never played it much when I was younger, but playing it back recently, I realized how crazy things can get on this board.  And while things get crazy, you can control a lot of your own destiny which makes this a good crazy.