Bowser Time

Bowser Time is a feature from Mario Party 7 that occured every 5 turns in a game. A meter would slowly rise throughout those 5 turns to increase the intensity of Bowser coming. And when Bowser came, he showed his evil prowess every time. Sometimes he’d make an item shop get replaced with a Bowser shop that’d only sell a 20 coin statue that was worthless. Sometimes he’d take a photo shoot with all the players, and making them pay either 10 or 20 coins for participating in the unnecessary act. And sometimes he’d do board specific events such as destroying a bridge for a turn in Pagoda Peak.
Now, first of all, I’m not even a big fan of the idea itself, of Bowser coming in every 5 turns to do random acts of evil. But the execution was absolutely terrible. Atrocious. Now if I’m approaching a star with 30 coins on me, and then Bowser Time comes out and he takes 20 coins from me…I mean are you kidding me? I earned my coins, I deserve to be able to buy the star, but this new feature pretty much screws up it. Is that fair? It gets worse with some boards. Sometimes in Neon Heights and Pyramid Park he’d just take 1st place’s star and place it somewhere else. Now you’re messing with my stars? And I gotta put up with random events like this every 5 turns? So if I’m playing a 50 turn game I deal with it 9 times. 9 random events that can potentially screw me over big. No way…but there’s no way to take it off.
The biggest slap in the face comes at Windmillville, where Bowser destroys a random windmill. As you may recall, the windmills are filled with coins and the person with the most coins in it holds the star(s) in it. If Bowser just so happens to destroy the one 3 star windmill that you had invested 90 coins in, what now? I have to change my strategy to account for Bowser taking out any windmill at his own will? First he messes with stars, then coins, now both? I can somewhat tolerate an act like in Grand Canal when he breaks the bridges and puts in Bowser Spaces for 3 turns, but this feature has way too many negatives that outweigh the positives like an average 12 year old to a football player.
If you agree or disagree or have anything to say, leave a comment. If you have some sort of argument against this make it and I’ll be glad to respond.