Complete World 1 with our Super Mario Bros. Wonder guide focused on every Flower Coin, Wonder Seed, and golden flag in Pipe-Rock Plateau.

Flower Coins and Wonder Seeds are the main collectibles in each level. The three 10-Flower Coins aren’t required to complete the level or unlock additional worlds, but they will add to the currency you can use on the world map. Wonder Seeds, on the other hand, are required for progression, and each level has either two or three to collect. One Wonder Seed is always found at the end of a Wonder Flower effect, and the other Wonder Seed is obtained once completing the level. Any additional Wonder Seeds are found by using a secret exit.

Additionally, each level presents you the a golden flag if you’re able to grab the very top of the goal post at the end of the level. Sometimes it’s simple, other times you may need to be creative about it. No matter which main collectible it is, we’ll cover it in our Pipe-Rock Plateau walkthrough!

Pipe-Rock Plateau is the first world in the game and is unlocked right from the beginning. Use the links below to jump to a specific level:

Welcome to the Flower Kingdom

Flower Coin 1 – Use the Elephant Fruit from the nearby Question Block to break through the brick blocks guarding the Flower Coin at the start of the level. No power-up? Ground pound the lower blocks and you should still be able to get in!

Flower Coin 2 – Shortly after the first fountain, walk to the right and use the elephant power-up to spray water on the dried out flower. This will cause a pipe to spring up allowing you to reach the Flower Coin above the tree. Alternatively, walk up the hill to the right of the Flower Coin and jump from there.

Wonder Seed 1 – The Wonder Flower spawns above a series of side by side warp pipes. Run past the inching warp pipe and look for the Wonder Seed above a fountain.

Flower Coin 3 – During the Wonder Flower effect, hop on top of the inching warp pipe and wait for it to crawl below the Flower Coin. Jump and grab the Flower Coin once you get raised up!

Wonder Seed 2 – Reach the end of the level.

Golden Flag – Once the warp pipes pop up, sprint across them and jump from the very end.

Piranha Plants on Parade

Flower Coin 1

Flower Coin 2

Wonder Seed 1

Flower Coin 3

Wonder Seed 2 – Reach the end of the level.

Golden Flag