Episode 43 – The Lost Levels

Join the podcast gang as they share their expectations and their excitement for Paper Mario: Sticker Star!

Episode 41 – The Lost Levels

The podcast crew returns to discuss the future of the Mario series and how we think the series is currently doing!

Pimp My Nintendo: New link

We have another new link:   Pimp My Nintendo Pimp My Nintendo has something new from the Nintendo to check out everyday. From Special Videos to Nintendo Sprites, there’s always something new to check out everyday. Hit the link today! And on a side note, we have a new poll up asking about the graphical … Read more

Got Any Questions?

A few of us from the Forum are getting together to get our first podcast going and we invite you to ask us some questions that we will try answer on the podcast! All you have to do is email us the question and please be sure to mention your username if you are from … Read more

Mario Party 3 Spaces and ZeldaMotion

We are getting back on track with the Mario Party 3 page with the Spaces page getting an update. Images of the spaces included. 😛 Click HERE to view them.     We also have a new link that I think everyone should check out. ZeldaMotion is currently working on a project that is taking the … Read more

New Link: The Hanafuda Times

We have a new link today: The Hanafuda Times This site is a general Nintendo website but has a very active podcast, a few times a month. Check it out and listen to their la podcast!