Episode 39 – The Lost Levels

The podcast crew discusses discusses the fifth game in the franchise, Mario Party 5, as well as their favorite boards, mini-games, and more!

The Mario Party Series – How did it become a big success?

Mario Party, how did it become a multi-million-dollar seller? Mario Party began development by Hudson Soft when the N64 was entering into its mid-life. It was born in late 1998/early 1999, and it’s a birth that has taken this series into 13 years of pure Mario Party fun.  One of the reasons for this immense … Read more

Part 2 – Mario Party IV, V and VI Story Mode Analysis / Thoughts

Story Mode of Mario Party IV – V – VI   It’s the 1st Mario Party game on the Nintendo GameCube and the 4thMario Party game of the series, Mario Party 4. The story this time involves the birthday parties of each of the playable characters. Yes, somehow each of their birthdays is on the … Read more

Part 1 – Mario Party I, II, and III — Short Story Mode Analysis

Story Mode of Mario Party I-II-III Let’s see, what should really matter when critiquing party games? Game-play? Controls? Graphics? Story? Mario Party since the beginning has been about having fun, partying around and enjoying a game without any forms of stress; however some believe that Story plays a large-ish role on how good the games … Read more

Mario Party 3DS Speculation – What could make it worthwhile?

So what’s next for Mario Party on a handheld? Let’s be honest; Mario Party-E wasn’t too exciting, Mario Party Advance was a disaster, and Mario Party DS was as of right now, the most recent-er Mario Party game on the market. As of right now, there’s nothing that shows any signs out on the horizon … Read more

Part 2 – What can Mario Party 9 take from prevous Mario Party games?

Previously, the first four Mario Party games were quickly analyzed to see which concepts or ideas would be good enough to make the cut to return in Mario Party 9. So, what good little (or large) ideas can we steal from Mario Party V, VI, VII, and VIII. Mario Party 5, the first step to … Read more

Part 1 – What Mario Party 9 can take from the previous games. (MP 1 – 4)

What could Mario Party 9 take from the previous installments? Part 1 Let’s confess, we should be happy to see that there is another Mario Party game on the way. Then again, that’s something that must be said on a Mario Party site, or else you’ll be punished. Anyway, looking back at the Mario Party … Read more