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Mario Party Legacy is a haven for all things Super Mario. Have you ever used a Mario walkthrough? There’s a good chance you read it here! Our site focuses on cataloging news, reviews, features, videos, screenshots, and guides from the early beginnings of Mario on the NES to his most recent adventures on the Nintendo Switch. While the site has a special focus on the friendship-ending Mario Party series, our coverage extends to any game featuring the popular plumber.

Nowadays Mario Party Legacy primarily focuses on guide content. Look out for walkthrough and tip pages from new releases and retro games alike!

Our little corner of the internet has been around since 2008, meaning Mario Party Legacy has stuck around through the DS, Wii, 3DS, Wii U, and Switch eras of Nintendo. Check out our History page for a closer look at how things changed over the years.

Throughout the years I’ve had a wide range of volunteers and staff members help contribute content to Mario Party Legacy. It’s something I’m incredibly grateful for. Years ago when the website changed focus from news to guides, I returned to running all functions of the site on my own. So if you see something really neat or discover some kind of typo, that was probably me! And by me, I mean Michael. Or SuperZambezi.

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