15 Years of Mario Party Legacy

Some people blink and they realize their whole day passed right by. I blinked and my little website made with HTML basics and shoddy graphics suddenly entered its 15th year of life. It’s time to celebrate another Mario Party Legacy anniversary!

Instead of the usual anniversary article, this post will focus on our celebration stream we’ll be airing on Saturday, January 14 at 12PM PT, on the day of the actual anniversary. Celebrating 15 years is a pretty big deal, so we’ll be giving out 15 small giveaways ($5 and $10 eShop cards, Discord gifts) on stream, one every 15 minutes.

The important details:

  • Where: My Twitch Channel
  • When: Saturday, January 14 at 12PM PT
  • What: We’ll be playing custom boards from Mario Party 2 and Mario Party 3

How does this giveaway work and how do you enter? Join us during the stream and type “giveaway” in the chat along with a favorite memory of Mario Party Legacy or maybe shout out a page or article that you enjoyed or found useful. And that’s it! We’ll randomly select someone every 15 minutes to win one of the prizes. And because these are smaller giveaways, you are able to win more than once! But you’ll have to still be in the stream to win.

We’ll stream for about 3 hours. Hope to see you there!

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