How to Enter the 2nd Mario Party Tip Contest

We’re running another Mario Party tip contest! If you’ve visited our Mario Party game pages before, you’ll know that each game page has two subpages. One is for listing every board and the other is dedicated to all minigames. Instead of simply writing out the rules of each minigame or a short description for each board, these pages act as tip centers where you can read up on user submitted advice and strategies.

The Results

Update, Jan 18: And that’s a wrap! Thank you to everyone that participated in the contest. We had a total of 494 tips from 21 different users submitted over a two week period and our minigame and board pages are looking incredible. I hope these pages continue to be a resource for all players playing any of the seventeen Mario Party games for years to come. None of this would be possible without our incredible community!

We’re making a few changes to the prize results. I was blown away by the amount of tips and dedication in this contest so I upped some of the rewards. Here’s who won:

  • 1st place: Spongyoshi (140 tips)
  • 1st place: P-Merks (140 tips)
  • 3rd place: General_JF (105 tips)
  • Random winner: HaveANiceDay (10 tips)

We have a tie for first place! Both Spongyoshi and P-Merks submitted the maximum amount of tips possible and will each be awarded a $35 eShop card. Thank you both for your incredible contributions. Although we originally didn’t have a standard third place prize, General_JF crossed into the triple digits and will get a $10 eShop card. Thank you! Like we planned, there is still a randomly selected winner for anyone that submitted at least one tip. Congrats to HaveANiceDay, enjoy your $10 eShop card! Everyone has been contacted about your prizes!

Thank you all again and please enjoy the hundreds of new tips!

The Prizes

This is where the contest comes in! We want to continue to fill up these tip pages with as much fan knowledge as possible. To help incentivize people to get involved, we’re giving away two $10 eShop codes as well as a single $20 eShop code. The person who submits the largest amount of tips will earn the $20 eShop price. Second place will get a $10 eShop card and the last winner will be randomly selected from anyone that submits at least one acceptable tip.

When Does It End?

We’re running this contest for two weeks. It starts today (January 4) and ends on January 18. I will announce the winners the following day. I will only allow users to submit a max of ten tips per day. The last thing I would want is for people to waste time sending dozens of tips in and have them be duplicates of another user’s tip. If that does happen, I’ll have to do first come, first serve in terms of crediting the person for the tip.

Please tell me how to not suck at this minigame.

At the end of each day I will go through the submissions and add them to each respective page. That way duplicates can only occur if two people send the same tip on the same day! Additionally, if you submitted a tip since the release of Mario Party Superstars on October 29, you’ll automatically start with an extra five points/tips!

How Do I Submit Tips?

How do you submit a tip? At the bottom of each board or minigame page is a submission form where anyone can submit a tip. All you have to do is write out the tip along with which board or minigame you are referring to, select which game it is for, and include the username that you’d like the tip credited to. That’s it!

Also! This is not requirement but we’re really hoping to see tips submitted for Mario Party Superstars the most!

Not All Tips Will Be Accepted

When we say tips, we’re really looking for advice that is lesser known or helpful in a way that the game does not outright tell you. A couple of things I do not want to see submitted:

  • Restating the rules of the minigame or a board. Don’t need it, don’t want it.
  • Telling us the same thing the advice on the rules screen already tells us. It’s old news.
  • Anything super obvious. Don’t tell me to simply time my jumps on Hot Rope Jump. Duh.
Someone explain how not to look like a fool in this one please.

Board and Minigame Pages

The pages with tips enabled can be accessed through the menu at the top of the page, or through our nifty and convenient list below:

And that’s that! I would really love these pages to become a resource for players who already understand these games and can use them to learn something new. I’m imagining someone starting up a game of Mario Party 3 and pulling up the game’s minigame page that they will flip through as they play each minigame. That sort of thing!

Looking forward to seeing what you all submit!

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