Create a Mario Party Board Contest #5 – Results

The results are in! Members of Mario Party Legacy came together to submit custom Mario Party designs for our fifth Create a Mario Party Board Contest! I’m here along with SpiderStaryu to rate, review, and judge the three submissions. We have a list of criteria of what we looked for in each board that you can see here.

All submissions are compatible with PartyPlanner64, the editor for importing your own custom creations into Mario Party 1-3. To check out the program and for access to our custom board database, hit the links below!

This contest was themed around the concept of time. That can mean a number of things including different eras of history, time travel and time machines, day/night mechanics, and a focus on characters related to or based on time. For the categories below, each one is out 15 points, with the final Contest Theme category set to a total of 50 points. Check out the video for details on why we scored everything the way we did!

Watch our video review panel for the full review with a detailed breakdown of all the point categories for each board!

Please remember that our comments and opinions are all made with the intent of helping you create the best board you can make. Please don’t take anything personally!


Radical Space Typhoon

by White Orbison

Download Here

Welcome to the Radical Space Typhoon!
It’s wild out here with a huge scary lookin’ pyramid, get too close and you’ll be teleported to the other side!
There is a huge time rift that can send you back in time or speed you into the future to the south east!
Time works in mysterious ways… We have 2 Jeanies now?! Keep your mushrooms handy! Keeping up with the moving stars can be tough!
Keep out of the gaze of that pyramid or you might never be able to catch up…!
At least the music is snappy…

Final Score: 41/50


Ancient Ruins

by skullzproductions

Download Here

Time travel to the Ancient Ruins in their golden days, be careful when you traverse through the board there’s temples hosted by Bowser, Game Guy and Goomba and if you’re not careful the Happening Spaces will time travel reverse you back to the start! Be careful out there!

Final Score: 22/50


Forget-Me-Not Frontier

by Bri911

Download Here

This board is created and designed by Bri911 for Mario Party Legacy’s Fifth Custom Board Contest and is his first publicly released board. The board’s visuals are actually an original Mario Kart Wii custom track designed to look like a Mario Party 3 board. The Mario Kart Wii .szs file was then uploaded to NoClip, which is where the screenshots were finally taken!

The main gimmick of this board is to provide every player with access to multiple Wacky Watches, but the supply is exhaustible. Will you throw them away using Choomba? Will you buy some more so others can’t get them? Will you steal Wacky Watches from others? There’s a lot of things that can happen, and whoever has one has the power to control the remaining time left!

Final Score: 46/50


Memory Loop

by T-Rexatron9000

Download Here

Brush up on your history for Mario Party during the ages

In the realm of Time and Space; Mario and the gang end up on a giant clock with each hour being very familiar.
As you travel the board you end up literally going clockwise (also as in using your memory to answer questions to earn more coins)
The last three Happening spaces will warp you to a certain time period where you’ll be rotating again
The places and things on the hours represent a certain piece from each Mario Party (with the exception of 11 and 12)
1. Mario’s Rainbow Castle: Tower
2. Pirate Land: Shy Guy Ship
3. Woody Woods: Woody and Warukio
4. Toad’s Midway Madness: Tea Cups
5. Toy Dream: House
6. E.Gadd’s Garage: Orb Converter
7. Windmillville: Sunflower
8. Shy Guy’s Perplex Express: Locomotive
9. Blooper Beach: Island
10. Mushroom Park: Ferris Wheel

Final Score: 28/50


Luigi’s Clock Madness

by ACrush14

Download Here

This is a new map based on Clocks and Luigi. Since the Board Contest  has a theme of Time and there’s not a lot of love for Mario Party 1, I decided to try and create a Board in a week for the contest.

Luigi’s Clock Madness is highly inspired by the level Tick Tock Clock, where platforming up the clock was hard and falling was always constant, I decided to get the movement speed of falling (since you go to top to bottom in a matter of seconds) and decided to make a board about movement and constant warping to multiple spaces across the board!

Final Score: 33/50



by Briank821

Download Here

Your in an island where day and night is on at the same time! So you need to know that the good things happen on the day but the bad things happen on the night!

Final Score: 11/50


The Circle Of Life

by Poisonclaw64

Download Here

Go through The Circle Of Life, going through all the normal and wacky obstacles of it everyday.”
Hey Guys! Poisonclaw back at it again with another board. When I heard of the theme time, I knew I wanted to revolve it around The Circle Of Life. After getting the general idea of going through the stages of life, I decided to also add the seasons to not only show the progress of time, but how it can change the world as well. We all start out in the void, leading us to becoming into the world as a toddler. Once there, we slowly make our way through our childhoods, going through class and social lives. After that, we go through life one season at a time, almost on repeat. Once it’s time to become an adult, we can either choose to be financially prepared for retirement, or gamble it all away! Finally, it all leads to one place, death. Then, it goes all over again, like a circle.

Final Score: 21/50


Timeless Ruins

by JustSomeRandomGamer

Download Here

Explore the decaying buildings of the Timeless Ruins, where only the sorcerers of the light and dark: Brighton and Twila, remain.
There’s many junctions and paths on this board.

Final Score: 19/50


Tick Tock Time

by cookycake38

Download Here

Hello everybody! This is my first ever board that I created in PartyPlanner64, and I’ve decided to give it my best effort and SHOW YOU WHAT I GOT! As the theme of this contest implies (which is time), this board solely revolves around clocks and time travel! Welcome one and all to the legendary TICK TOCK TIME made by ME, COOKYCAKE38 (also known as SOUSAMASTA47 in Discord)! In this detailed description, I will tell you the amazing gimmicks that take hold in this journey through space and time! LET US BEGIN!

As the third word of the title implies, this board takes place through time and space. This board has many objects that are found in the past, such as the Nintendo 64 (from the 90s), a Volkswagen Minivan (from the 60s), and more! This board gives a colorful color palette to represent how weird traveling through time and space can be!

This path layout has you going onto many different sets of clocks (and a star). Each clock can conceal your fate in the game (hopefully). The beginner clock (on the start of the board) starts your journey to becoming a superstar, consisting of only 2 spaces. The two spaces are the start space (duh), and a blue space. When you visit the Chance Time Clock on the upper left of the map, it contains many chance time spaces, requiring you to take a risk to get the star in the middle. Do you take the star and risk getting chance time? Or do you decide to play it safe and let another person have that star? The same thing goes to the Bowser Clock, where instead of containing many chance time spaces, it will contain LOTS of Bowser Spaces! The mushroom clock (which is in about the middle of the map) is a bit easier than the other two, as it contains no chance time space nor bowser space around the clock, but there are a few when you go near the clock’s core. Finally, there is the travel clock where you have the ability to walk back around to the Mushroom Clock, or the Beginner Clock (with the help of one of the time stars, Party Star) so you can loop the course!

Final Score: 20/50


by Mimicry_Xrd

Download Here

Tic-Star-Clock is a standard board inspired by the iterations of Tic-Toc-Clock

Make your way around the board hoping on gears, Clock arms and conveyor belts to get to the star.

Happening spaces cause gears and conveyor-belts to operate, sending anyone atop them in a new direction. Twomp guards the path to Boo, Pay him to gain access, or find a way to trade in for free.

There are 3 major pathways on this board. The main pathway is in the center, from there players have access to all pathways. It contains a bank, an Item-shop, and the Gear happening spaces. Both the bank and Item-shop are very distanced apart and will take multiple turns to reach, this path is 30 spaces to make a full loop.

The Secondary pathway is at the bottom of the map. It is the safest of the 3 major pathways. It also contains a bank and an Item-shop, but no happening spaces. Players might find themselves taking this path if any lands on the happening space from the main pathway while on the gear themselves. This path takes 16 spaces to make full loop around.

The Final Major Pathway is the longest at 32 to 38 spaces to make a full loop around. It can only be accessible by getting pass the Twomp. This pathway also gives players access to Boo, and may allow them to skip the bank space entirely. However landing on one of the conveyor belt happening spaces can lead you and all other players on a belt to longer travel time as well as a visit with Bowser.

Final Score: 37/50


Mossgreen Woods

by YoshiYay!

Download Here

The main gimmick of this board is that you can buy up to 5 stars on any turn if you’d like! The catch is, each star costs 30 coins. At the start of each turn, you are asked if you’d like to warp to the Tree of Time (Start), the Stargrove (Star) or stay where you are. The CPUs will always warp to the Tree of Time, so they’re not too much of a challenge, sadly. Along with this, there’s also a day/night cycle in Mossgreen Woods! You can track it by checking the time at the top of the screen.

Final Score: 34/50



by Mirk5672

Download Here

 wanted to focus this board’s theme on travelling in time, especially with the usage of the BBC TV series Dr Who, a man who travels through time and space with his blue police cabin.
As it’s possible to see, the board is divided into 8 parts, each depicting a period of Earth life.
I’ll list them by row.
1. Mesozoic, here the only event space is a piranha plant that eats your item
2. Ancient Egypt – 2000 BC
3. Viking Era – 700 AD
4. Reinassance – 1500 AD
5. I World War – 1915 AD
6. Present – 2021 AD
7. Future – 4650 AD
8. Space – ∞ AD
The main features of this board are the 2 rings in the centre.
If you’ll land on an event space on the larger ring you’d jump into the smaller one where you’re able to teleport somewhere in time.
The concept would be that each time you start a new game the order of the warp in the smaller ring changes randomly, but I don’t know how to manage that.

Final Score: 17/50


Clockwork Courtyard

by morteriser

Download Here

The Clockwork Courtyard is home to cogs and gears, with towering walls and soothing waves that surround a quiet, but colorful town.

As turns progress on this board, the time of Day will transition to Night, and eventually back to Day. The gears on the floor will determine where you go, as when Night falls players will go in the opposite direction on them. Certain visitors will only appear during the Day or during the Night, and some characters may be difficult to reach during the Day. Several landmarks that players will visit include the Solar Tower or Lunar Tower where Tumble will invite the player to wish for a solstice event, and the clockwork center where Tumble will invite the player to play a game called Timing Tuner where the they will time when to stop the spinning clock hand.

Passive Board Events:

– Shifting Gears: During the Night, all gears on the floor will have their paths reversed from the direction they were going during the Day.
– Day and Night Cycle: Every 3 turns the Day will transition to Night and vice versa. While playing, the HUD will display the number of turns remaining for the current Day or Night.
– Estival Solstice Cycle: During the estival solstice event, there will be a total of 4 turns of Day with only 2 turns of Night following it. A solstice event cannot occur until it transitions back to Day.
– Hibernal Solstice Cycle: During the hibernal solstice event, there will be a total of 4 turns of Night with only 2 turns of Day following it. A solstice event cannot occur until it transitions back to Night.
– Snufit Morning Delivery: If you ordered from Snifit ‘N’ Ship it, a Snufit will come over to deliver your order on the first turn it becomes Day, for the eligible Days following your order. If your inventory is full, the Snufit will visit the next time it becomes the first turn of Day.
– One Way Boo: The path after Boo can only reached by going forward to Boo, meaning it is not possible to reach Boo by going in reverse through a Reverse Mushroom or Reverse Curse. This prevents players from triple dipping on Boo with a Reverse Mushroom, though, a player can still make clever use of a Reverse Mushroom at a different path to reach Boo soon after visiting them.

Visiting Board Events:

– Snifit ‘N’ Ship it: These Snifits will stick around in a truck during the Day and offer the player to order a package of items, either 2 Mushrooms, 2 Skeleton Keys, or 2 Warp Blocks, for 10 coins. A Snufit will come to deliver the items to the player, one at a time, the next two times it transitions to Day. If the player’s inventory is full at the time the Snufit visits, the item, and any remaining items, will be delivered a Day later. A player can only order one package of items at a time, but if they visit this shop while they have an active order, they will earn bonus coins based on what items they picked (+5 coins for Skeleton Keys, +3 coins for Warp Blocks, +2 coins for Mushrooms). CPUs will always pick to order Mushrooms if they can afford it.
– Night Ride: A mysterious ghoulish driver will offer the player a lift to the end of the street during the Night for a fee of 10 coins. This will warp the player onto the path on the left side of the map that ends up leading to Boo. CPUs will always catch a ride if they can afford it. (This character is based on an unused design shown in concept art for Super Mario RPG by the enemy designer).

Happening Events:

– Turning Gear: When landing on a Happening Space found on a gear, the player and all other players on the same gear will be moved onto the red panel at the end of the path.
– Timing Tuner: When landing on a Happening Space around the clockwork center, the player will be invited to play a game where they must stop a spinning clock hand by pressing A. If they stop the clock hand over one of the 3 rewards below, they will earn that reward. During the Day the rewards are 10 coins, 5 coins, and 15 coins. During the Night the rewards are Reverse Mushroom, Skeleton Key, and Golden Mushroom (if inventory is full the rewards will instead be 5 coins, 5 coins, and 10 coins). The clock hand will decelerate after pressing A at the same rate it accelerated, the speed of the clock hand is dependent on your placement (1st is fastest, 2nd/3rd is normal, 4th is slowest). CPUs are able to play but their difficulty is not taken into account, they will press A at a random point in a range where they are likely to get a reward.
– Solstice Event: When landing on a Happening Space around the Solar Tower or Lunar Tower, the player will be asked if they wish to extend the Day or Night respectively. During the Day, they can wish for an Estival Solstice, which extends the current Day to 4 turns and shortens the following Night to 2 turns. During the Night, they can wish for a Hibernal Solstice, which extends the current Night to 4 turns and shortens the following Day to 2 turns. While a Solstice Event is active, nothing will occur when landing on this Happening.

Final Score: 50/50


La Koopastille

by Spongyoshi

Download Here

Learn the French Revolution history with the Mushroom Kingdom citizens! The board evolves with TIME and also is a documentary-style board!

– First 5 turns (First 10 on a 50 turns game) takes place in easter during the creation of the Koopastille, only the outside courtyard is accessible as a result. Land on a blue space for a chance of getting 1 to 6 coins from an egg of an easter bell.
– Middlegame has the whole board opened with shops all around. The Koopastille became an impromptu jail so do not land on red spaces or you’ll have a chance of being sent to jail by the king and you’ll have to wait until you can pay 10 coins to get out or wait for another player to take your place.
– Last 10 turns (Last 5 on a 20 turns game) blocks the star spots. It is the start of the Revolution and every shop sells torches for 10 coins. Buy one to add 3 to your roll and steal a star to any opponent you cross during that current turn. You’ll also be redirected to the inside if you’re outside before the last turns.
– Happening spaces are transport cannons, pay 10 coins on the first turns for being randomly shot to another happening space. During the middlegame, you’re transported to the closest happening space below/above. In the last turns, you’re shot at the blue space right after the cell and loose 10 coins.

Final Score: 37/50

And with that, our top three winners! Look out for a message from me soon for your prizes!

  • 1st: Clockwork Courtyard (50/50) morteriser
  • 2nd: Forget-Me-Not Frontier (46/50)Bri911
  • 3rd: Radical Space Typhoon (41/50)White Orbison


Thank you to everyone who submitted a board for this contest! We enjoyed looking through each and every one, and we look forward to what everyone has planned for the future!