Mario Party Superstars Announced at E3 2021

And just like that, a brand new Mario Party was announced. Mario Party Superstars was announced during today’s E3 2021 Nintendo Direct presentation with a launch set for October 29 on Nintendo Switch.

The brand new entry focuses on bringing back and remastering classic boards and minigames from the past featuring 100 returning minigames and 5 boards redone from the Nintendo 64 games. Every game mode will have online play and players can communicate using stickers that appear on-screen. Items also return!

Plenty of minigames have already been spotted (we’ll have a list soon!) and the returning boards include:

  • Peach’s Birthday Cake (Mario Party 1)
  • Space Land (Mario Party 2)
  • Woody Woods (Mario Party 3)

The remaining two N64 boards have not yet been revealed. Stick around Mario Party Legacy as we get this new game added to site!

For now, check out the trailer, the Treehouse live demo, and screenshots below:

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