How to Enter the Mario Party Tip Contest

We did it! It took about five months but all sixteen Mario Party game pages on Mario Party Legacy have been revamped with rewritten content, plenty of images, and a new goal. Instead of trying to document every possible detail on each game in the series, our new game pages focus on creating a quick and visually notable overview of each game detailing the boards, minigames, modes, spaces, and any items.

We also have two subpages for each game. One focuses on boards while the other is for the minigames. Again, we decided not to simply detail and explain the rules of each board and minigame. There are plenty of resources for that already. Instead, we focused on creating a space where readers can read up on tips and strategies that will hopefully teach them something new. At the bottom of each page is a submission form where anyone can submit a tip that we will add to the main page. This is where the contest comes in!

May 1 Update: And that’s a wrap! Over the two week period we received and published over 200 different tips for all sixteen Mario Party games. We’re giving out rewards to the two users who submitted the most tips, then a random tip submitter will get the third prize.

Spongyoshi went above and beyond with a total of 132 tips, so we bumped up the first place prize to a $20 eShop card. Piguy314159 stepped into second place with 15 tips total and our third and random prize winner goes to Slyshi!

Thank you to everyone who submitted and helped create a nice database of helpful and lesser known tips and strategies for all the boards and minigames in the Mario Party series. Feel free to continue submitting tips to help our pages grow!

The 30+ pages have each board and minigame listed, complete with images, but we haven’t added too many tips yet. To help encourage viewers and readers to submit their own tips and strategies, we’re starting a small and simple contest where three $10 eShop codes will be given away. The two users who submit the most amount of tips will get one code each, and the third code will go to any random person who submitted a tip. Doesn’t matter if it’s a dozen tips or just a single one. We’ll run this contest for the next two weeks, so May 1 will be the day I give out the codes.

Please tell me how to not suck at this minigame.

Again, you can submit tips by using the form at the end of each board or minigame page. Once submitted, it’ll go to my submission pile where I will look over and manually add them to the page. I will try to update tips at least once a day. A couple of things I do not want to see submitted:

  • Restating the rules of the minigame or a board. Don’t need it, don’t want it.
  • Telling us the same thing the advice on the rules screen already tells us. It’s old news.
  • Anything super obvious. Don’t tell me to simply time my jumps on Hot Rope Jump. Duh.

I will only allow users to submit a max of ten tips per day, at least during this contest. The last thing I would want is for people to waste time sending dozens of tips in and have them be duplicates of another user’s tip. In that case, I’d have to do first come, first serve in terms of crediting the person for the tip. Also, if you’ve submitted a tip that’s already been added before the contest, you’ll still be counted!

The pages with tips enabled can be accessed through the menu at the top of the page, or through our nifty and convenient list below:

And that’s that! To be truthful, this is more of an announcement letting everyone know we’re looking for tips and strategies rather than some big competition with fancy prizes. I would really love these pages to become a resource for players who already understand these games and can use them to learn something new. I’m imagining someone starting up a game of Mario Party 3 and pulling up the game’s minigame page that they will flip through as they play each minigame. That sort of thing!

Looking forward to seeing what you all submit!

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