Create a Mario Party Board Contest #4 – Results

The results are in! Members of Mario Party Legacy came together to submit custom Mario Party designs for our fourth Create a Mario Party Board Contest! I’m here along with SpiderStaryu to rate, review, and judge the three submissions. We have a list of criteria of what we looked for in each board that you can see here.

All submissions are compatible with PartyPlanner64, the editor for importing your own custom creations into Mario Party 1-3. To check out the program and for access to our custom board database, hit the links below!

This contest was themed around Character based boards. That means we looked for boards like Luigi’s Engine Room or Waluigi’s Island, boards that are centered and themed around a particular Mario or Nintendo character. For the categories below, each one is out 15 points, with the final Contest Theme category set to a total of 5 points.

Watch our video review panel for the full review with a detailed breakdown of all the point categories for each board!

Please remember that our comments and opinions are all made with the intent of helping you create the best board you can make. Please don’t take anything personally!


(Piranha Plant’s) Pipe Wonderland

by Spongyoshi

Download Here

It’s not a MPL Board Contest without Spongyoshi! After getting a draw for first place in the last one, I’ve decided to give everything I’ve got and worked real hard on my fourth entry and I proudly present to you, Piranha Plant’s Pipe Wonderland! Or Pipe Wonderland for short. (Formerly known as Piranha Plant Pipeline) Based on Piranha Plants and also Pipe Land from SMB3!

Central Gimmick
This board has a fresh gimmick to the series, Warp pipes!
Warp pipes are connected in pairs of a blue pipe and a yellow pipe.
If a blue pipe takes you to a yellow pipe, then that same yellow pipe takes you to that same blue pipe.
The whole strategy is to remember which pipe leads to which.
Not only are they the only way (without skeleton keys) to go to the other side, but also one yellow pipe leads to a dangerous island!
Please note that if you take a warp pipe in reverse, you will exit the warp pipe from the front and keep going forward.

Naval Piranha
However, if you want to ruin someone’s warping plan, go pay Naval Piranha a visit on the center of the map!
For the little price of 10 coins, you can shuffle around the pipe connections!
This will randomly change which pipe leads to which so use that at your advantage!

The Piranha Quintet
But that isn’t the only trick those plants got up their sleeves, we haven’t covered happening spaces yet!
Every turn, a different variety of Piranha Plants show up from the orange pipes, there’s 5 different plants!
– Naval Buds: Like their boss, Naval Piranha, they will shuffle the pipe connections, but this time without your involvement.
– Spiny Piranha: Those plants don’t like company, they will wack you to another space if you bother them!
– Fire Piranha: Don’t freeze or you’ll be mistaken as a target and 10 of your coins will be turned to ashes! Pray you get a misfire and only loose 5!
– Proto Piranha: That monster loves to soil other people. If you are it’s victim, you won’t be able to roll more than 3 in your next turn!
– Nipper Plant: They start a rain of nipper spores that will take 5 coins of your opponents, although sometimes it can start a 5 coins rain instead!


  • Background – 10
  • Path Layout – 10
  • Custom Events – 12
  • Contest Theme – 5

Final Score: 37/50


Baby Bowser’s Amusement Park

by Poisonclaw64

Download Here

Well I finally made it, and might be the last one to make it. I wanted to make a board that would use the game: Open RCT2.
The character I think who would fit his own park is Baby Bowser, enjoying the demise of all the enemies who have failed his master.
Here is the story:
“Bowser created a park just for Baby Bowser, and you just so happen to be the lucky winner for a free entry!”
Custom Events: (Thanks to Airsola for helping me with them. Such a big help)
Event 1: Custom Item Shop (Bug: Prices are separated at different distances, Player animation for moving continues when passed by space)
This item shop is behind a Skeleton Key Door, holding the greatest merch and collectibles from Baby Bowsers Biggest Fan!
Items Include:
Poison Mushroom $5
Bowser Phone $10
Bowser Suit $20
Barter Box $30
Koopa Kard and Lucky Charm $50
Wacky Watch $100
Event 2: Get Random Event
A koopa is working on the carousel, complaining about too many items on the ride, proceeding to give you one.
Event 3: Triva Quiz
A Question is asked, You win, 50 coins! You lose, 50 coins!
Fun Fact: The board was actually suppose to have animations, but then I realized MP3 doesn’t use animations. So I just decided to go with the custom events. I may later down the line port this to MP2.
I hope you enjoy my board!!!


  • Background – 6
  • Path Layout – 8
  • Custom Events – 7
  • Contest Theme – 3

Final Score: 24/50


The Green Clumsiness

by Cedrik

Download Here

Basic idea
This board is themed around the better and greener Mario.
My goal was to represent as much Luigi as I could, but not always in a direct way.

The board itself
If you want to you can devide the board into 5 different areas. On the top left you can spot a Paper section with Mario and Luigis house and a rainbow as it’s main attractions. If you land on the ?-space next to the house you will get one out of six questions – of course with Luigi as their theme. Why is there a rainbow?! Have you never played Paper Mario Color Splash where Luigi drives on the rainbow?  :P  If you land on the ?-spaces below Huey/the rainbow you’ll get a warp box (or coins if you already have 3 items), because it fits the colors best and an other reason I’ll talk about later.

On the bottom right you can find a Luigi’s Mansion section where Boo is located. Uuuuu… and don’t land on the ?-spaces or you will be portet to the other… hihihihi. The rest of this section should be clear.

The bottom left and top right are contrary sections. The L-section stands for Luigi. if you go there you need to have a lucky time, because TWO !-spaces, a Bowser and a Game Guy space is there. Don’t get clumsy there! The Γ-section stands for Waluigi (and I know that his symbol is mirrored, but it fits the board best – and who cares :P ), the worst enemy of Luigi. If you land there you need to be scared a lot! On the 1st, 3rd and 4th ?-space the piranha plants will steal some coins (10 or 20) and if you land on the ?-space next to the cap your opponents will get 10 goins, not to mentaion the Bowser- and !-space. By the way: Why would you ever go in there sections? 1) To avoid the bank or the Game Guy-spaces or 2) because there can be a star in both sections.

The center of this map is filled with flowers. For whom could Luigi have placed them there? If you land on a ?-space in the circle the 8 bit Luigi will give you some coins – if you are lucky even a lot of coins. Otherwise the center is the place to go if you want to go a specific way.


  • Background – 10
  • Path Layout – 12
  • Custom Events – 8
  • Contest Theme – 5

Final Score: 35/50


Funky’s Roulette

by FunkyYosh

Download Here

Welcome to Funky’s Roulette, a board with many possible paths and exciting happening events! Of course, your main character for this board is Funky Kong.

The gimmick of this board is the different amount of event spaces that affect the game! There’s many kind of events spread across the whole board. A huge credit to Airsola for providing the code of these events, I only changed some minor things in them. Here’s a list of the possible events that can happen and what I changed about them:

– Get a random amount of coins! Some spaces might give you only a max of 10, while others might even give you up to 20! I only filled in the parameters and changed the text box to something more “Funky Kong” style.
– Everyone but you gets coins! The amount is not shown in-game, but it’s always 7. Again, I only changed the text box for this one.
– Trivia Quiz! You’ll get a question about Funky Kong trivia and if you get it right you’ll earn coins but if you get it wrong, you’ll lose coins! There’s multiple Trivia Spaces with different coin amounts. I changed all the questions in this event to Funky Kong things, but the main code is still made by Airsola.
– Funky Shop! A custom item shop with a lot of items and special prices. There’s multiple secret shop spaces. I only changed the prices and text box in this event as well.
– Space Warp! You’ll get warped to a different space in your next turn. Big credit to Airsola for providing a debugged version since there were some glitches happening with this event.

Path Layout
Do you prefer to take a safe route? Or do you want to play risky? That’s up to you! The board starts fairly calm, with a bank and a couple of event spaces. Then, you’ll meet your first branched path. You can either take a longer, safer route with a shop or go for a shorter route, but with lots events that can change the game! After that, a couple of blue and red spaces are there as a break, only to meet an entire turn of events, including chance time and a battle space! Finally, there’s many branching paths provided for you. First, you can choose to go down to visit Boo. You can also go right to another item shop and even an extra route where a skeleton key is required. At the end, if you have a key, you can take a big shortcut to the start of the board but watch out, there’s chance time spaces! If you don’t have a key, you’ll go the normal route with just a couple of events.

I’m very much aware that my board does not look aesthetically pleasing. I’m not an artist and I used Paint to draw the path layout and fill in the background. All the pictures you see, like Funky Kong, the roulette, etc are downloaded images with the white backgrounds removed. This will affect my score, but I don’t have the patience to take an art class just for this . Maybe next time I’ll use a 3D model program.


  • Background – 3
  • Path Layout – 7
  • Custom Events – 6
  • Contest Theme – 2

Final Score: 18/50


Dixie’s Vacation

by GammaSeven

Download Here

Airsola, PartyPlaner64, and the Mario Party Legacy Discord where a huge help with coding the events and without their help this would not have been finished.

A Board themed around Dixie kong and her game “Donkey Kong Country 3, Dixie’s Double Trouble”.
The Board Features a lot of characters from that game. most of the event spaces have dixie herself help you out, either by giving you an item or giving you cash.

some scripts are directly from the mario party legacy discord, while others are custom made.

the background was made from sprites riped directly from the game.

Pegasus Rook helped me clean up the sprites and created the custom picture of boo used in the board


  • Background – 7
  • Path Layout – 9
  • Custom Events – 9
  • Contest Theme – 5

Final Score: 30/50


King Boo Carnival

by Mario_Comix

Download Here

This is a submission to Custom Board Contest #4! It features a character theming (King Boo and Boos) and plenty of custom events.

First, the main gimmick: it’s a carnival, so you just have to collect carnival tickets, right? Well, the paper tickets didn’t arrive in time, so the Boos have opted to use Skeleton Keys instead. That’s right, there’s finally a proper reason to horde these guys.

Let’s run through the events in chronological order:

When you enter the carnival gates, your coins will be forcefully taken by the ticket booth Boo and exchanged for a carnival ticket, a Skeleton Key. (As a note, he will not give you another one if you already have one.)

But just a couple steps away lies the Prize Exchange. As indicated on the signpost next to it, you can trade in your Skeleton Key(s) for differing prizes! 1 ticket = 10 coins, 2 tickets = Golden Mushroom, and 3 tickets = 1 Star! Indeed, here in the carnival, you can trade items for a Star! (Note: CPU players might take their sweet time in the menu, but they shouldn’t ever get trapped indefinitely.)

The next event is the Magic Show. Here, you can watch either Kamek’s Coin Conjuring, or Boo’s Whimsical Wizardry, to modify your items (or opt to watch neither, if you want to keep your items). Kamek will turn your first item into a hefty 13 coins, while Boo will transfigure your first item into either a Bowser Phone, Dueling Glove, Boo Bell, or Cellular Shopper. The Cellular Shopper is particularly helpful as it allows you to access Toad’s or Baby Bowser’s Item Shop and purchase items not normally available. Speaking of…

The Item Shop! The shops here in King Boo Carnival offer a unique item selection, and are currently operated by Boos. They sell Mushrooms, Plunder Chests (good for stealing Skeleton Keys!), Dueling Gloves, Golden Mushrooms, Boo Bells (this is Boo haven after all!), Bowser Suits, Magic Lamps, and Item Bags. Item Bags have a chance to contain a Poison Mushroom, Mushroom, Cellular Shopper (helpful!), Lucky Lamp, Plunder Chest, Boo Bell, Koopa Kard (rare!), Skeleton Key (valuable!), or Boo Repellant (the only way to obtain one!). (Well, there are still regular Item Spaces here and there, so take advantage of the hard-to-get items available in the minigames!)

The next few events are carnival attractions that allow you to obtain more Skeleton Keys. As a final note, the Skeleton Gate leads to outside the carnival grounds. Boo awaits you here, and there’s plenty of Item Spaces and Battle Spaces. Sometimes the Star spawns here too.


  • Background – 11
  • Path Layout – 12
  • Custom Events – 13
  • Contest Theme – 5

Final Score: 41/50


Toad’s Mushroom Manic

by Eshy

Download Here

Toad has decided to invite the cast of Mario Party to his Game Show, Mushroom Manic . The game show is full of trivia and random events to keep players on their toes.


  • Background – 2
  • Path Layout – 8
  • Custom Events – 4
  • Contest Theme – 1

Final Score: 15/50


Luigi’s Void

by morteriser

Download Here

Hidden deep in the darkest, deepest core of Luigi’s mind is the all consuming void of his past, present, and future. The void manifests as a nightmare to torture those unfortunate enough to get trapped inside of it.

Luigi’s Void is a joke board focusing around a ton of well known or even obscure jokes and images revolving around Luigi. The board graphics were a collaboration effort between some friends, as a result several inside jokes made their way into it. Hopefully, even without knowing the context, this board can still be entertaining to play and observe.

Happening Events:
– Mario Vortex: The happening spaces that surround the Mario Vortex have a 25% chance of warping the player back to start, a 25% chance of warping the player to the roof of the mansion, and a 50% chance of nothing happening.
– Rock Luigi’s Gift: The happening space next to Rock Luigi will have him reward you with a Skeleton Key. If your inventory is full, he will be sad.
– Luigi’s Request: The happening space on the roof of the mansion will have the true Luigi compel all players to purchase a Skeleton Key for 5 coins. Players who cannot afford it or lack inventory space will be exempted from participating in this event.
– Yoda’s Plea: The two happening spaces beneath Yoda will force the player to listen to him rant about his crippling loneliness. This does nothing but waste everyone’s time, at least it still counts towards the Happening Star.

Board Events:
– Luigi’s Mood Swings: Every two turns the Luigi guarding the Luiginary path will change his mood. When he is happy, you will be able to cross freely. When he is angry, choosing to take the path will have the character decide to retreat back the way they came. The game always starts with Luigi being happy. Remember to check the current turn, if it is an even number that means Luigi’s mood will swap the next turn.
– Wario’s Toll: The shortcut through Mario Vortex has a Bank that you cannot land on, forcing you to pay up to 5 coins should you want to pass.
– Unfortunate Start: A Bowser space is right in front of the start, be careful not to roll a 1 at the beginning of the game. Though, don’t be surprised if something special happens if you do…

Misc Events/Bug Fixes:
– Move to Main Chain from Independent Chain: Chain of spaces that are separate from the main board (in this case, the start space and the warp location for the Mario Vortex happening) are coded to move the player onto the main chain. This prevents the game from allowing you to go into these paths from the main chain when going backwards.
– Fix Previous Space being from Independent Chain: When moving to the main chain from an independent chain, if you landed on the first space in the main chain, the game will save the previous chain/space index to be from the independent chain. To prevent the player from retreating back into this path using the Reverse Mushroom/Curse, the game sets the previous chain/space index to be the correct space on the main chain.
– Fix Ambiguous Previous Space on Merge: A space that has multiple points of entry is considered a merge space. These spaces are treated as junctions if the player is under the effect of the Reverse Mushroom/Curse. Triggering a Reverse Mushroom/Curse on the merge space will not have the game bring up a junction and will instead have the player go back the path they arrived from. Should the player be moving backwards and land on a merge space, the path they arrived from is actually the path forward, meaning the game doesn’t know what to set as the previous chain/space index. An event is used on each merge space to fix this issue such that when it is ambiguous where the player came from, it will set the previous chain/space to be what I considered the most appropriate path.
– Fix Backwards Status Flag when moving from Independent Chain: A consequence of having the player move to the main chain from an independent chain is that if the player triggers a Reverse Mushroom/Curse, they will move forwards into the path while the status flag is considering them as moving backwards through it. When they reach the space on the main chain, the game won’t know where to go since if the player is moving backwards into it then the expected behavior is to prompt a junction, which fails to happen. The band-aid fix to this is to set the bit on the status flag that indicates the player is moving backwards to be off, making the player move forward on the main chain path (though they will still be under the effects of the Reverse Mushroom/Curse should they interact with any junctions/merges from there).


  • Background – 12
  • Path Layout – 10
  • Custom Events – 12
  • Contest Theme – 5

Final Score: 39/50


Game Guy’s Crafted Casino

by Mr. Star

Download Here

“Welcome, folks, one and all, to my spectacular paper crafted casino!” That’s right! The guy who always turns the game around now has his own board for you to play on. :shyguy:

This board took me weeks to create! It was crafted by hand especially for your enjoyment! With paper, each piece was carefully cut and placed to build my unique Mario Party board. My first of more to come. While building this board, not only did I enjoy making it, but I also learned a lot as well. Have fun and may the best player win! :D

Contest description:
This board is made for the Custom Mario Party Board contest #4. As you may expect, the theme of the board is based on the man of luck, Game Guy!  Throughout the map of paper and crafts, you will see Game Guy’s signature trinkets. Such as the Chain Chomps from Game Guy’s Sweet Surprise. There are also slots and other casino related stuff to keep a casino like vibe to the board.

Layout and Main events:
You start off on the star on the top middle section of the board to then immediately travel to the roulette table (that contains a shop). From there, you can choose to go to the left side or right side of the board (each path having a bank). On each side, there is another junction leading to another 2 paths each. Each path being unique in some way.

  • (Left side, Up) Has three item spaces. If your looking for some free items, this is the way to go!
  • (Left side, Right) Contains a slot machine that gives 1-5 coins when passing it.
  • (Right side, Up) Home to Game Guy’s Lucky Chests! Passing them will let you choose if you would like to participate in the event (Choose Up to do so, Right if not). Triggering the event will allow you to choose between the left and the right chest. One contains 20 coins, and the other will make you loose 15 coins. These chests are swapped at random.
  • (Right side, left) Home to Boo! Watch out, though. As this path can be dangerous. It contains 2 Game Guy spaces, 1 battle, and one chance time!

You will soon reach the top circle part of the board surrounding start. You can choose to pass through the key gate or continue on with the board. Passing the key gate lets you meet with Game Guy himself. Giving you a lucky charm. After all that is done, its time to loop the board again!


  • Background – 15
  • Path Layout – 14
  • Custom Events – 10
  • Contest Theme – 5

Final Score: 44/50

And with that, our top three winners! Look out for a message from me soon for your prizes!

  1. 1st: Game Guy’s Crafted Casino (44/50) Mr. Star
  2. 2nd: King Boo Carnival (41/50)Mario_Comix
  3. 3rd: Luigi’s Void (39/50)morteriser


Thank you to everyone who submitted a board for this contest! We enjoyed looking through each and every one, and we look forward to what everyone has planned for the future!