Another Year, Another Anniversary – Mario Party Legacy Turns 11

And just like that, another year has gone by. Mario Party Legacy turned 11 years old today.

It’s no secret, Mario Party Legacy is no longer the site it once was. Instead of our regular news updates and community events, MPL now puts a focus on custom boards for the N64 classics and the occasional guide or two. It’s a much more relaxed approach and unfortunately means a lack of activity on the site itself.

On the other hand, our YouTube channel is continuing to grow and this past year is special in that a few new series have started and taken off. With Fan Vote, we go go over and highlight fan voted picks for things like favorite boards, worst items, and more.

Rare Oddities looks at special occurrences and truly rare events in the series that many have simply never witnessed. This one in particular has gained a nice following.

For this anniversary we decided to finally put the Forum to rest. Instead of closing it entirely, the message boards are now in read only mode where posts and topics can no longer be created. Fret not, the custom boards section is still available and you can still create an account to upload boards!

For members of the Forum and the website, we invite you over to our Discord server where the chatter continues!

It’s sad Mario Party Legacy is on a much more quieter note but we’re still around to bring you content in a different way. Thanks for sticking around!

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