Every Minigame in Super Mario Party So Far

Super Mario Party has a confirmed 80+ new minigames and we’re here to catalog each and every one, just like any Mario Party fan would do. We’ve seen dozens of minigames in the official trailer and gameplay demos but only a handful of minigame names exist and we’re not quite sure what’s what. That said, the list will be updated once names become known and as details trickle in before the October 5.

So far we’ve discovered a total of 84 minigames. All the minigame titles are correct, but some of the images were placed under certain names based on the title.

UPDATE : With the update of the Japanesse website, all minigames have been shown in categories. We also have a video showing all minigames below

Note : All names in (brackets) are those found in the European version of the game.

4-Player (30 in total)

Candy Shakedown Croozin’ for a Broozin’
Sphere Mongers
Gridiron Gauntlet
Feeding Friendsy Fuzzy Flight School
Precision Gardening Rumble Fishing
??? Sizzling Stakes
Slaparazzi Snack Attack
Soak or Croak (Rattle and Hmmm)
Don’t Wake Wiggler!
Trike Harder
Barreling Along
Can Take Pancake Looking for Love
??? (Trip Manager)
Look Hard
Social Climbers
Lost in the Shuffle
??? (Bonus)
(Lightning Round) (Bonus) ??? (Bonus)
??? (Bonus) ?(Metal Detectors)? (Bonus)

1vs3 (10 in total)

Block and Load Dart Gallery
Dust Buddies Off the Chain
Smash and Crab Sign, Steal, Deliver

??? Bopping Spree
??? Drop Quiz

2vs2 (10 in total)

Fruit Forecast Making Faces
Maths of Glory Nut Cases
Pie Hard Tall Order
Tow the Line
??? Perfect Fit

Ally (10 in total)

(Note – All Ally minigames are played as 2v2s (some are even playable as 4-player minigames), except every ally character you collected joins your team to assist you as well)

It’s the Pits (2v2/4 Players)
Hammer and Sic ‘Em (2v2/4 Players)
Bumper Brawl (2v2/4 Players) Lit Potato (2v2/4 Players)
Train in Pain (2v2/4 Players) Pull It Together (2v2)
??? (2v2) Rowboat Uprising (2v2)

Get Over It (2v2/4 Players) Half the Battle (2v2)

Toad’s Rec Room (4 in total)

Shell Shocked Deluxe (2v2/4 Players)
Banana Split (Co-op)
Puzzle Hustle (Co-op)
Mini League Baseball (2v2)

Co-op (10 in total)

Isthmus Be the Way Go with the Flow
Net Worth
Sort of Fun
Suit Yourselves
Penguin Pushers
Home on the ‘Rang
Miner Setbacks
Fetch Quest Fireplace Race

Rhythm (10 in total)

??? ???
Take a Stab
All Star Swingers
Rhythm and Bruise ???
??? ???
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