Week 3: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Update

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch has been revealed and the (sort of) daily pictures are back! We’re not sure how often these updates will come, but we’ll use this space to include an update that’s released. Coming from the blog of the official website, enjoy our daily pic of the day segment once again!

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Thursday, June 28

Today’s Fighter
#02: Donkey Kong

His charged punch is one of the strongest attacks in the game! In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, his Final Smash has been updated from Konga Beat to a flurry of punches!

Wednesday, June 27

Today’s Item
Pokemon: Lunala

This Pokémon shoots a powerful light beam through the stage!

Today’s Item
Pokemon: Solgaleo

If this Pokémon hits you as it charges back and forth across the stage, you’ll take serious damage!

Tuesday, June 26

Today’s Item
Assist Trophy: Sukapon


Link has been redesigned to match his appearance in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. He can now pick up arrows he’s fired, and his bombs have been upgraded to remote bombs, so you can set them off when the timing is just right!

Today’s Music
Noisy Notebook

You can now listen to “Noisy Notebook.”

Monday, June 25

Today’s Fighter
#31: Snake

Back by popular demand, Snake brings a ranged fighting style unlike any other fighter in the game. His Final Smash locks onto an opponent and fires five homing missiles.


Sunday, June 24

Today’s Fighter
#62: Corrin

Corrin was available as a downloadable fighter in the previous version of Super Smash Bros. This fighter uses all kinds of attacks, like Torrential Roar and Dragon Fang Shot. Players can choose male or female versions!

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