Super Smash Bros. Announced for Switch!

Today’s Nintendo Direct closed off with the announcement we’ve all been dreaming of. Super Smash Bros. has been announced for the Nintendo Switch.

The short teaser followed the Inklings from Splatoon as they seemingly got their invitation to join the battle. A quick glimpse of a darkened Mario and Breath of the Wild styled Link was also shown.

Distant silhouettes that show a number of characters can be seen within the Smash emblem, but it’s unclear exactly who these characters are. Which ones can you guess?

A 2018 release is attached to the project but that can change at any moment. It’s also unclear if this is a brand new game or a deluxe edition of the previous entry. Signs like the different logo and the updated website make it seem like this is a new project.



Sakurai himself has confirmed that he is behind the development of the title and has been over the last two years.

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