Happy 9th Anniversary Mario Party Legacy!

Can you believe it? Nine years have passed since that very first article announcing the beginning of Mario Party Legacy (then called The Super Mario Party Site) was posted. All these years later and now we have so much to look back on and so much to feel proud of. We’ve had plenty of accomplishments and it’s only one more year until we’ve been around for a decade.

…nearly a decade.

It’s crazy to think about, but yes, we have been around for nine years. We were here to cover events like E3 2012 and we covered more recent announcements like Super Mario Odyssey. We’ve done guides on Paper Mario: Sticker Star and we covered the revival of Mario Party with announcement of the long-awaited Mario Party 9. We’ve been through a lot!

And even then, 2016 was the kindest to Mario Party Legacy as we experienced our biggest month to date in November. Paper Mario: Color Splash was released in October, and our guide for the game has been the most successful project we have ever produced. We were able to bring in nearly 60,000 unique visitors to the site in the month of November, and that’s not looking at January which is on track at beating that record already.

But that would seem to go against another less fortunate aspect of Mario Party Legacy in 2016. It’s been quiet. Our once vibrant community has taken a break as new content has been slower than ever. Things are changing. What Mario Party Legacy produced five years ago is not necessarily the same content that will make a website successful today. And to add to that, all the great people who work on Mario Party Legacy have other responsibilities too, and that changes how things are done here. For myself, I know I can’t dedicate as much time to Mario Party Legacy as I used to, so change will happen.

Mario Party Legacy will shift gears and change a bit of its focus in the new year. News and other features will no longer be regularly posted, save for big news pieces like all the Nintendo Switch announcements yesterday. Community Nights will be a lot less frequent as well, especially now that we don’t have as active of a community.

Instead, we’ll be focusing on what works and growing from there. The guides we have on Mario Party Legacy have always been the most popular pages, and they continue to be for months after release. Whenever a a major Mario game is released, expect Mario Party Legacy to cover it!

Mario Party Legacy will also serve as a second home to PartyPlanner64, housing the custom board database and forum section for discussion. We may even write some articles about custom boards we really like or guides and contests about the tool.

Our YouTube channel for Mario Party Legacy continues to be a popular asset, so video production won’t be changed.

That is our plan for Mario Party Legacy. It’s simple and isn’t as active as years past, but this is where we’re at. I can’t promise you what other changes we’ll make or what else to expect, but what I can do is thank you for all the time you’ve spent on our website. Thank you for all the memories you’ve made, the comments you’ve posted, the articles you’ve read, and the HOOs you’ve HAAd.

Happy anniversary Mario Party Legacy!

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