Smashing Expectations with Super Smash Bros. DLC

From E3 2014 to the Super Smash Bros. Direct and the 50 Fact Extravaganza, Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo 3DS and Wii U has certainly had a wild ride to release. But Masahiro Sakurai planned to keep the train chugging all the way to February 2016 with, of course, downloadable content. All the way until December of 2015, Masahiro Sakurai released the likes of wanted returnees like Lucas, Mewtwo, and Roy along with special surprises such as Ryu and Cloud over the course of several months through the power of insanely hyped Nintendo Directs. But characters weren’t all Sakurai had to offer, as stages and Mii Costumes were also released. But with the end of DLC and $5.99 jokes aside, we’re here to see what Mario Party Legacy’s readers thought of the DLC. Perhaps something that was desired that didn’t get in?

Fan Favorites:


  • Mewtwo: 6 votes
  • Lucas: 8 votes
  • Roy: 7 votes
  • Ryu: 6 votes
  • Cloud: 9 votes
  • Corrin: 5 votes
  • Bayonetta: 10 votes

Well isn’t that something, Bayonetta received the most votes! Even with the 1.1.6. patch, she still has a lot to show for Smash fans. Next up and contradictory to his reveal, seeing Cloud in second place is just as surprising as facing one in For Glory. Third place is held by yet-to-be-localized Mother 3’s Lucas! Coming close to the bronze medal, is Roy of Fire Emblem, also a returning contender of Super Smash Bros. Melee. He really is our boy, after all! Last, but not least (votes wise) is Corrin. Of course a new character is always great, but perhaps it is felt that he/she was Sakurai’s more personal choice, seeing as there’s a total of six characters from the FE franchise.



  • Super Mario Maker: 4 votes
  • Umbra Clocktower: 8 votes
  • Suzuku Castle: 5 votes
  • Midgar: 6 votes
  • Hyrule 64: 6 votes
  • Peach’s Castle 64: 7 votes
  • Dreamland 64: 6 votes

Aren’t we looking feisty with all the Bayonetta love! Certainly with this much love for the franchises, you’ve all played the series, of course! Honing in are not two but three N64 classics, Peach’s Castle, Dreamland, and Hyrule! The love for these stages have stayed the same over many years, but now they’re rocking out with new tracks: A nostalgia-trip remix of Bob-omb Battlefield and the intense final-boss-finisher theme from Kirby: Triple Deluxe for Dreamland. Midgar with six votes, on paper, is Battlefield with stage hazards, but with some fierce appearances, “Let The Battles Begins” on full volume, and some items to add some spice, it’ll keep you and your friend room playing all night. Suzuku Castle with 5 votes, has caught some eyes with its soothing sunset. But don’t stare into the background too long, or you’ll be catching a Shoryuken to the chin in no time. The Super Mario Maker stage while a fun novelty that has slopes and catchy remix, isn’t much noting other than some enemies flying in the background.



CorrinFTW- “Worth it”

I think the characters were a bit expensive, but for me it was worth it. I can’t stop playing as them, Corrin is now my second main.

Golbenzi- “Somewhat”

Eh. Somewhat. I liked the Mewtwo deal and that got me going on DLC and then I realized there was potential. The DLC completed the game.

Rosie- “If They Were Cheaper”

Well, I guess so, but if they were cheaper it would’ve been much better. Then I could’ve bought Lucas and Mewtwo as well.

CM30- “Not Really”

Not really. Most of the choices were questionable, and I didn’t even bother with the Mii outfits.

MagiKooper- “Fair in General”

DLC is always pricey, but compared to other games I think the DLC price was fair in general. Bundling everything together in one bundle did the job well.

Generally fair is the opinion, with some nitpicks here and there. Most people found new mains such as Corrin in the DLC, so “the more the merrier” really does apply here! Now our good buddy CM30 from Gaming Reinvented mentions the Mii Costumes, and is surprisingly the only user to even speak of them! Some of them were neat and let you “play” as characters as Geno and Isabelle, and while some looked fancy, were not all that special looking back on them several months later. Talk about forgettable. Even though every character is 4-6 dollars, every character has its own moves, specials, trophies, slot in the extra modes, and even hidden higher level tech embedded inside them. That being said, a bundle is a much better deal any day.

Wanted Characters:

 Golbenzi- Dixie Kong

“Dixie. I love the cute fighting style of the monkey, and I have some ideas about her and how she couldn’t be a clone.”

Dixie was also a fighter that I too wanted in. It wouldn’t be hard to invent a moveset consisting of specific moves from the DK series, and a few altered moves Diddy as well. I was sure she’d make it in sooner or later, but I guess it’ll have to be later.

 Spiny Bro- Paper Mario, Wolf

“I really wanted to see Paper Mario, to celebrate the release of Paper Jam, or a veteran like Wolf. “

To some extent, I do wish Paper Mario made it in, but even so, with a boasting amount of Mario-based characters, it seems Mr. Game & Watch will be isolated as the only 2D Smasher. Much like other fan suggestions, he has stacks of untapped potential waiting to be ripped out of his beloved series, and not just the RPGs! Wolf, in my opinion, was in a much more unlucky position. Fans gawked at Lucas’ return, much surprised to find that Ness integrated his specials in his own custom moveset, yet Lucas still managed to to return to Smash Brothers. Was there ever hope for Wolf? Surely, Lucas’ belated return provided enough leeway, and with Star Fox Zero on the horizon, it seemed absolute, but alas it was not meant to be.


We’ve finally covered your opinions on the DLC Super Smash Bros. For Wii U & 3DS. Lots of opinions. No matter how our opinions vary, we are all united by our love for this franchise. It’s really amazing how much spawned from the creation of this game, very few games, if none, are on the caliber of a Super Smash Bros. title. I want to thank all of you who have submitted your opinions. Covering all of this took an immense amount of time, spanning more than a whole season. It was truly a great task to tackle, and I apologize if this is a bit late from when the first poll was released. But it cannot compare to the amount of time that Masahiro Sakurai has poured into is series. Competitive and casual alike, we adore seeing our favorite franchises fused together in this wonderful fighting game. Once again, thank you all and I will see you all next time.


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