Create a Mario Party Board Contest #1 – Results

The results are in! Members of Mario Party Legacy have come together to submit custom Mario Party designs to our first Create a Mario Party Board Contest! We had seven submissions for the first contest, and I am here along with SpiderStaryu, to rate, review and judge your boards. We have a list of criteria of what we were looking for in a board that you can see here.

All this is in preparation for the upcoming Mario Party 1-3 board editor, PartyPlanner64! Our specifications and requirements for each board were made in accordance to the board editor so that when it is finally released, many of us will have boards to try out right away!


Watch our video review panel above!

And even cooler is that in addition to the first place winner getting a $20 eShop card, the top three winners will also get to test out their boards in a beta version of PartyPlanner64!

Also, please remember that our comments and opinions are all made with intent of helping you create the best board you could make. Please don’t take anything personally!

Each board is listed in order of submission, starting with our first entry in the contest!

Bob-omb Battlefield

by Spongyoshi     for Mario Party 1

My board is based on Bob-Omb Battlefield from Super Mario 64, I had this idea a while back and wanted to bring it back to make it compatible with PartyPlanner64. It is compatible with Mario Party 1 in the way that every happening space uses the boulder event from the DK’s Jungle Adventure. However, the boulder stops after encountering an Chance Time Space.


The goal is to get to the top while trying not to be caught by a boulder that will force you to go farther back on the board. It’s linear BUT sometimes, you can ALSO go in a safe-way where, even if someone steps on a ? space, this will not affect you since you wouldn’t be in the path of the boulder. Also, when you get a star, it will still be in the same place and you’ll take on of those teleporters from Eternal Star to bring you back to the Start.


  • Theme – Using a classic level as a board map is always an interesting way to create a board, but the level itself is dull and not very exciting. 2/5
  • Gimmicks – Boulders are a good concept and fit with the board, but it leaves much to be desired. 2/5
  • Background – A direct import of a map from Super Mario 64 DS, and a blurry one at that. 1/5
    Path Layout – Under the bridge path is a neat idea and all the spaces are connected with a line, although it is hard to see. However, the mountain is a mess and confusing. 2/5
  • Space Distribution – For a Mario Party 1 board, space distribution is fair and balanced. Shorter paths have riskier spaces. 4/5
  • Passing Events – Longer path has Boo, shorter has Bowser. Good overall. 4/5
  • Originality – Directly copying a map from another level is not original. Using elements and assets from another level in new and interesting ways is more creative. 1/5
  • Playability – Boulder and warp panel events will eventually be usable, however spaces cannot be shrunk and will not fit on the mountain. 2/5
  • Guidelines – All met. 5/5
  • Overall Presentation – There is potential in doing a Mario Party board map of Bob-omb Battlefield, but it comes off as a very lazy copy. With a little more effort and creativity, there is a lot you could work with. That said, you did mention that this was rushed and we can understand, but we can’t let that influence our judgement and score. 2/5
  • Bonus Points – All met. +3

Final Score: 28/50

Constellation Chaos

by Mike’s Monster Gaming     for Mario Party 1

The point of this board is to use the power of the stars to explore the galaxy and its mystery. The happening spaces on the board would somehow send you to one of the constellations of the six characters from Mario Party 1 and 2. Maybe using the canons from Wario’s Battle Canyon for now until something can be made like sending the characters on a shooting star to a random constellation. I made things kind of complicated but this was very last minute but the idea of the board is to be able to walk around each of the constellations in a loop or explore some of the other stars on the board like the one in the middle while also using it as a hub to travel to the other constellations. Either way I am looking forward to bringing this board to life when the program is released.


  • Theme – A starry night scene with good use of constellations as paths. 3/5
  • Gimmicks – Using Wario’s Battle Canyon’s gimmick as a way to move from constellation to constellation is a nice idea. 3/5
  • Background – Background is very nice and constellations look great. Stars are a nice touch. 3/5
    Path Layout – Extremely confusing, arrows do not help, and in fact, make the board even more of a mess. 1/5
  • Space Distribution – Seven Chance Time Spaces and two Item Spaces? That’s asking for a disaster! Lots of red and not enough blue. Risky spaces should not be so easy to land on. Also, Mario Party 1 does not use all these spaces. 1/5
  • Passing Events – No Bowser? Boo and Koopa banks are good, but no item shops is a travesty! 1/5
  • Originality – An original concept with good ideas, even if the design is chaotic. 4/5
  • Playability – Apparently this is a Mario Party 1 board, so Bank, Item, and Battle spaces cannot be used. 1/5
  • Guidelines – Unclear, not sure which game this is for. 3/5
  • Overall Presentation – It is very unclear which game this board is for. The size dimensions and the happening events are from Mario Party 1, while Koopa banks and Mario Party 2 exclusive spaces appear. That said, the theme is great and the background is pleasant, but it’s bogged down by too many arrows and a confusing path layout. 2/5

Final Score: 22/50

Spinout Space

by Yessoan     for Mario Party 3

For a full rundown of the board, check out Yessoan’s handy guide!

  • Theme – Different worlds colliding into one is certainly a unique theme that provides lots of opportunities for different gimmicks and events. 5/5
  • Gimmicks – Lots of interesting events going on in this board, each relevant to its theme and world. 4/5
  • Background – Artistically, the board looks well done and fits the themes you are trying to go for. 4/5
    Path Layout –The Mario sports world is a little lacking in structure, while a place like the Mario Kart world has good design that works with the background.  3/5
  • Space Distribution – Lots of Happening Spaces, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. However, a lack of Item Spaces in the other worlds is! 3/5
  • Passing Events – Standard, nothing too crazy. Boo may be a little too easy to get to. 3/5
  • Originality – This has definitely not been done before, although we have had island type boards in the past. 4/5
  • Playability – Unfortunately, the Happening Spaces will not function in PartyPlanner64, along with the spinout spinner and the portal doors (Skeleton Keys will eventually work, but getting from one side to the other will not). 2/5
  • Guidelines – Main board size is not the correct dimension. Board size should be 1152 x 864, not 1152 x 796. 4/5
  • Overall Presentation – The board layout and design looks fun and well thought out. While the Happening Spaces will not work in PP64, they are still good ideas and go well with the overall concept. A pleasant board through and through. 4/5
  • Bonus Points – All met. +3

Final Score: 39/50

Luigi’s Mansion

by MedicLuigi & Kirafrog     for Mario Party 2

Idea: Completely uses all of Horror Land’s elements.
?- Day/Night becomes Lights on and Lights off
Mr.I – does the same ‘teleport’ from horror land, which lands you on the other side of the map.
Big Boo – is ‘King boo”, but does the same
Boo – Most are around during the night, one is out during the day.
Kamek/Haunted House – becomes ‘E. gadd’s Shack” turns lights off for a price.
Thwomp – Guards top right corner, and moves to other lane if you pay him. Doesn’t move at night.
  • Theme – The theme is simple, but it is completely on point. 5/5
  • Gimmicks – Gimmicks are taken straight from Horror Land and implemented well. 4/5
  • Background – The custom background and art is very impressive and fits a little too well with the Mario Party theme. Wow! 5/5
    Path Layout – Nothing is ever too long or too short with the right amount junctions. 5/5
  • Space Distribution – Space distribution is very well placed and evenly spaced out. The only issue is that the path to Big Boo is a little too hectic. 4/5
  • Passing Events – Lots of Boo passing events but each one seems to be in just the right place. 5/5
  • Originality – It’s a Horror Land and Luigi’s Mansion hybrid. This is the right way to take elements from another level and use it to create a new board. 4/5
  • Playability – While Horror Land may not be available to overwrite in the first release of PP64, you can bet this board will be the first one created when it is. 3/5
  • Guidelines – Missing a second Item Shop. 4/5
  • Overall Presentation – We love this board and can’t wait to use in PP64. It uses the right amount of everything, never too much or too little of anything, and executes the horror theme quite nicely. 5/5
  • Bonus Points – All met. +3

Final Score: 47/50


by StalfosKing     for Mario Party 1

My board is called Bloquillus. I ended up making it in Minecraft because I only found out about the contest 3 days ago and I can’t learn new software that fast. I gave it my best shot.
Editor’s Note: Path direction on each island is clockwise. From the center island, you can go to the left or right island. From there, you can only move to the next island and not back to the center island. Once you reach the island with the volcano, you can return to the center island.
  • Theme – While there isn’t a central theme, each island has its own unique motif and delightful concept. 4/5
  • Gimmicks – No happening spaces means little to no gimmicks. However, the connecting islands gimmick is an interesting one. 3/5
  • Background – Minecraft is a very impressive tool to use to create a board, but unfortunately it comes off as bland. Also, half the board is not in use. Please include arrows and junctions in your background. 2/5
    Path Layout – We like the island design and the circling paths. Junctions cannot have spaces on them. 3/5
  • Space Distribution – Going left takes a significant longer time to return to the center island when compared to the right path. Spaces are not rewarding enough to go left. 2/5
  • Passing Events – Koopa is in the right place, but Boo can be severely abused. He may not be as powerful in this game, but you can still steal stars. Boo can be repeatedly passed within 19 spaces, with a chance of landing on a Mushroom Space. 2/5
  • Originality – Using Minecraft is clever and effective, although the island type board style has been done before. 3/5
  • Playability – As long as you remember to remove the spaces where junctions go, it should be fully playable. 4/5
  • Guidelines – No Bowser on your board. 4/5
  • Overall Presentation – A very refreshing way to create a board and with that a pleasing theme. There are slight hiccups in the placement of spaces, arrows, and passing events, but an overall good board. 3/5
  • Bonus Points – All met. Board logo is the right size, but the dimensions are too big! +3

Final Score: 33/50

Daisy’s Garden

by Mario_Comix     for Mario Party 3

Here is my board, acting as a sort of mirror to Waluigi’s Island: Daisy’s Garden! Totally fits into Daisy’s motifs and themes (albeit for her Mario Party 3 era), and even features some side characters. The two Event Spaces at the bottom (near Wiggler, by the flower patches) cause characters to breathe in some pollen, sneeze, and get sent flying to another part of the board. The Event Space at the top-left, in front of the Daisy “mirror” can cause 1 of 3 things to happen: bring another player to their space, gain 10 coins, or obtain an item. The Event Space in front of Petey Piranha allows the player to give him 15 coins so that he subtracts 1 Star from an opponent (this is not given to the player), or 20 coins if no one has a Star. Of course, he can only be reached by a strategic Skeleton Key.

  • Theme – Daisy is well represented and it feels like the board she deserved in Mario Party 3. 4/5
  • Gimmicks – Gimmicks for the Happening Spaces are well thought out in this board, although we recommend more Happening Spaces as there are only four total. 3/5
  • Background – A fitting background for a garden, although slightly empty in certain areas. The toy theme used throughout Mario Party 3 is present, and it even includes the actual game board look with the starry background. 3/5
    Path Layout – The flower design is visually appealing and the branching paths make for a unique board. The Skeleton Key Door at the top is strategically placed, while the one at the bottom feels a bit silly to take such a long detour if not used.  3/5
  • Space Distribution – Spaces are too close together, not to mention the strange distribution. Two Chance Time Spaces on the main path is not a good idea, and there are a lot risky spaces in areas where they are not needed, and vice versa. 2/5
  • Passing Events – Two item shops is very nice, and banks are placed a little close together. But what happened to Boo?? 3/5
  • Originality – It’s a nice to counterpart to Waluig’s Island, but it comes off as a little basic in both its look and design. 3/5
  • Playability – Happening Spaces will not work, nor will the Skeleton Key doors. 3/5
  • Guidelines – No Boo on your board. 4/5
  • Overall Presentation – Although it does feel a bit basic at times, but the board gives off a very nice Mario Party 3 vibe while still including a variety of different happening spaces.  3/5

Final Score: 33/50

Animal Crossing

by Yoshiman222     for Mario Party 1

A board based on Animal Crossing!

  • Theme – Animal Crossing done right in Mario Party.  4/5
  • Gimmicks – The many paths and the looping makes for a unique board, but the lack of happening event explanations hurts the board. 3/5
  • Background – While nothing here is custom made, everything is recreated very well and looks pleasing to the eye. 4/5
    Path Layout – While the idea of a multitude of paths is intriguing, it still comes off as crowded and overloaded. Get those Toads out of here! 3/5
  • Space Distribution – Spaces are evenly spaced and placed in smart locations. 4/5
  • Passing Events – Both Boo passing events are in great spots, Bowser is well placed and near appropriate spaces, and the Thwomps will add a great twist to the looping paths. 4/5
  • Originality – This is another great example of a level taken from another game and implemented well in Mario Party. Animal Crossing is all about making your own paths, and the crazy paths in this board do that idea justice. 4/5
  • Playability – Everything checks out, save for the Thwomps. 3/5
  • Guidelines – All met. 5/5
  • Overall Presentation – Overall, the Animal Crossing theme fits perfectly in this Mario Party board. Path layouts and general scenery bring out the Animal Crossing elements very well. 4/5
  • Bonus Points – Splashscreen and Large Screen Background should be 320 x 240, not 320 x 340. +2

Final Score: 37/50

And with that, our top three winners include:

  1. Luigi’s Mansion (47/50) MedicLuigi & Kirafrog
  2. Spinout Space (39/50) – Yessoan
  3. Animal Crossing (37/50)Yoshiman222

Thank you to everyone who submitted a board for this contest! We enjoyed looking through each and every one, and we look forward to what everyone has planned for the next contest! If you’re a winner, expect to see an email soon!

Michael Koczwara

Executive Editor and Founder of Mario Party Legacy. Head Administrator at the Mario Party Legacy Forum.

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October 19, 2016 11:06 PM

To be fair I kinda created my board in one day and didn’t think through everything 100%. 😛 Regardless, I think the order is pretty fair – Luigi’s Mansion looks AMAZING AND I LOVE IT AND WANA PLAY ON IT SO BADLY D:

October 19, 2016 11:19 PM
Reply to  Yoshiman222

Also in regards to my board all the toads you should only see 1 in gameplay because they only appear when the star space appears there (I did what I did because normally ! spaces don’t appear on moving star boards, but do replace the star space once one is bought. And the Toads just show where they appear when the star is there). And ? space.. idk what they’d do. Probably send you back to start if anything via pitfall seed. Of course I didn’t provide any explanation thinking that. Spaces are probably going to be smaller once they… Read more »

Sly ?
Sly ?
October 20, 2016 9:49 PM
Reply to  Yoshiman222

Personally for yours I’d make the upper half a bit less appealing (or the bottom half more appealing). As it stands the top has (Bowser loop aside) similar access to Boo as well as having a lot of happening spaces to grind out for happening star. the happening spaces warping you away might be a good push in that direction since that’d break you away from the top, though at the same time that’d also give the advantage of an extra movement option.

c l
c l
October 28, 2016 5:35 PM
Reply to  Yoshiman222

Hey, so do you currently have beta access to PP64? I’m just wondering when we can expect these amazing boards.

October 20, 2016 2:19 AM

Wow, all this boards looks awesome!! 😀
Love to see all the creations of everybody!

October 20, 2016 9:16 AM

My favorites were the Bob-omb Battlefield and Luigi’s Mansion ones. But the others were very good as well, Great Job guys

DJ Colyton
DJ Colyton
October 20, 2016 5:24 PM

Congrats to everyone! Cool ideas and all, cannot wait for the next contest!

October 20, 2016 10:29 PM

Congratulations to everyone who submitted! I did my board basically in two evenings, so, haha. But I can’t believe I forgot Boo!

October 21, 2016 3:19 PM

I’m glad I made the deadline! I’ll be entering future contests as well! I plan to tweak and improve my board with all your feedback in mind as soon as Party Planner is out! Thanks for hosting this! I enjoyed it! Most of all thank you for the wonderful feedback!

October 27, 2016 1:23 AM

Overtime I somehow came to the conclusion that a ? space will send you back to start when you land on it. Kinda a good punishment in a way since it sends you to the bottom right corner. Otherwise maybe 1 more minigame space below couldn’t hurt…

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