Nintendo Spot: 9/6/16 – 9/12/16


Week of: 9/6/16 – 9/12/16

Nintendo Spot is basically the major Nintendo news that blasts onto the internet and such, be it leaks or actual news, you’ll hear it from me. I, Sol, will be tackling it as soon as I can, so come here each day to see what has come out into the open!

Tuesday, September 6th

Breath of the Wild Analysis… Finally!

It has truly been a minute since we had the heap of news detailing The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. I mean, there was an ENORMOUS amount of information and footage shown on off at E3. Well, after hours and hours of combing through it all, GameXplain finally has released a 2 hour long analysis of all the Nintendo E3 footage and more! If you have the time, you certainly should watch it from beginning to end.

Pokémon Sun and Moon news drop!

Pokémon Sun and Moon news has rushed in quickly, so I’ll try to cover it all.

  • First, we met Type: Null. It is a mysterious Normal-type that seems to be a synthetically made Pokémon. Without its mask, it is immensely powerful and Type: Null also has the ability Battle Armor.
  • Then we met the tiny tyke Jangomo-o. Jangmo-o is a pure Dragon-type with the abilities Bulletproof or Soundproof. Something tells me this Pokémon will be a “pseudo-legendary” Pokémon like Deino, Goomy, or Larvitar.
  • After being introduced to Alolan Ratata, it was only fitting we’d see Alolan Raticate. Alolan Raticate is also a Dark/Normal type with the abilities Gluttony or Hustle. Fun fact, in Pokémon Moon, Alolan Raticate is a totem Pokémon in place of Gumshoos. Why…?
  • Well, Pokémon Sun and Moon are twelve hours apart! Yes, when it is the middle of the day for Pokémon Sun… it will be midnight for Pokémon Moon. I’m not exactly sure if, say, you were playing Pokémon Moon in midnight real-time (noon within Moon) you would still face the Raticate you would normally face or a Gumshoos will appear.
  • Next came the introduction of the mysterious “The Aether Foundation” who has taken of the role of saving Pokémon and taking them to their floating, man-made island, the Aether Paradise. There are three important figures in the Aether Foundation. Lusamine is the president of the group. Faba is the Aether Branch Chief and Wicke is Assistant Branch Chief. Not much else is known about them except that they have taken up doing research on Pokémon in some strange new way…
  • We also met Gladion, Team Skull’s “enforcer.” I’m not sure what that means, though.
  • After that, we got to see that Sina and Dexio, Professor Sycamore’s assistants in the Kalos region, are returning. The player will meet up with them and they’ll give you the side quest of finding Zygarde cores and cells all around the Alola region. It appears they are scattered all over the region, so I’m sure there will be numerous ones to find.
  • The second to last thing we learned was there there seem to be special places where you can use your Rotom PokéDex and snap a pic of a Pokémon. This feature is called Poké Finder! Reminds you of Pokémon Snap, huh?
  • Concluding this all was the announcement of “Ultra Beasts.” It is unknown what the heck they are asides from that they are a “huge threat to the Alola region.” The first one we saw looks awfully similar to Lillie and is named “UB-01.” Perhaps we’ll learn more about Ultra Beasts as time progresses.

Thusrday, September 8th

Run, Mario, Run!

Yesterday, Nintendo announced a new app coming out called “Super Mario Run!” Super Mario Run is almost like the standard app runners, but there are actually ends to the levels. The main goal is to collect points, not to go as far as you can. The app will cost a certain price (whatever that may be) and there will also be in-app purchases for Super Mario Run. It will be releasing Winter 2016 on iOS and will be coming soon after in 2017 for Android.

Pokémon GO Comes to Apple Watch


Yes, you read correctly, Pokémon GO is coming to the Apple Watch. We don’t know exactly how or when, but it is indeed coming to Apple’s high-tech “watch-like” device. I wish we had more details, but that’s all we have so far. I’ll cover it more when we have more to get into!

Oh, an Animal Crossing amiibo trailer

Possibly because more Animal Crossing amiibo cards come December 2nds, Nintendo has made a little trailer for Animal Crossing amiibo. Within the two-minute video, it just shows off the compatibility the figures and cards have for Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer and Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival. Of course, these amiibo are soon going to be functional with Animal Crossing: New Leaf, too. Woohoo!

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