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Nintendo Spot is basically the major Nintendo news that blasts onto the internet and such, be it leaks or actual news, you’ll hear it from me. I, Sol, will be tackling it as soon as I can, so come here each day to see what has come out into the open!

Monday, August 8th

Meet the Next Klefki

Another week, another round of new Pokemon. CoroCoro leaks are out once again, giving us a look at four new Pokemon:

  • Sunabaa – Ghost/Ground
  • Sunadeshiro – Ghost/Ground
  • Yowashi – Water
  • Nuikoguma – Normal/Fighting

Yup, we’re getting a sandcastle Pokemon. Sunabaa will evolve into Sunadeshiro and will retain its Ghost/Ground typing. At first it looks like Yowashi will have a second evolution, but closer inspection shows that the Pokemon can actually transform into a larger and darker form. Finally, a pre-evolution to Bewear is set to appear with the Pokemon named Nuikoguma.

Another two Pokemon from Generation 1 are getting the Alola form treatment! Meowth will now have a Dark type version, while Marowak will get a Fire/Ghost type counterpart. Other small tidbits include the names of Guzma and Plumeri, two members of what is apparently called Team Skull.

With that said, remember that these are simply translations, so expect localized names to come soon!

And now that we’re through with the Pokemon Sun and Moon news…

Sightings in Pokemon Go

More Pokemon!

Pokemon Go received another update today, fixing smaller issues like the Good/Great/Excellent XP bug and adding a driving warning when the game detects you are moving at a fast speed.

However, the coolest update comes in the change to the Nearby functionality. As you know, the little side menu that lets you know what Pokemon are near you has been buggy since the game was released, but it looks like Niantic is trying to remedy the problem by introducing Sightings.

So far only a select group of users got the Sightings addition to help run the new feature through a beta test. Apparently this will allow you to now spot Pokemon in your area by having them tagged to their nearest Poke Stop. Tapping on the Pokemon will show a zoomed out map where you can see where your Pokemon is hiding.

No official explanation has been given on how the system works, so this is all being discovered through player feedback.

Tuesday, August 9th

A Look into Federation Force


Nintendo dropped a short trailer today for Metroid Prime: Federation Force. Apparently the trailer is supposed to show off the story elements of the game, but it was more or less different cuts of gameplay.

So! Are you excited for the game? Because that sucker is coming out next week on August 19.

Just One More

Ha! You thought that was it for Pokemon? Please.

Namakobushi is the latest Pokemon to join the ever expanding cast set to appear in Pokemon Sun and Moon. This latest Pokemon from the CoroCoro leaks hasn’t let its typing be known, but Serebii reports that Namakobushi will be able to “send its insides out from its mouth and use as a fist.” Huh, well how about that?

Thursday, August 11th

Team Skull Approaches!

Pokémon Sun and Moon leaks have come in waves this week, but a whole trailer detailing all the new info has come up out of the woodwork. The first were new Pokémon!

  • Wishiwashi is a Water-type Pokémon that has the ability Schooling. It is a little fish! While still a mystery, somehow, this ability allows Wishiwashi to turn from the weak Solo Form to the monstrous School Form.
  • Pyukumuku is another Water-type Pokémon that is themed off of sea cucumbers. It has the ability Innards Out… so when Pyukumuku faints, it will be able to deal one last bit of damage to its opponent, equal to the amount of HP it had left before it received the final blow! Pyukumuku also squeezes out its guts to hit with a fist-like appendage.
  • Morelull is a mushroom-like Grass/Fairy type Pokémon. It comes with either ability Illuminate or Effect Spore. However, one neat thing about Morelull is that it can expel glowing spores that can make you a bit drowsy as a last-ditch effort.
  • Meowth has a new form it takes in the Alola region. Alolan Meowth is a Dark-type and has luscious new fur color. Alolan Meowths were bred exclusively for royals long before the present time, but when the monarchy fell apart, the Alolan Meowths spread out through the region and are now quite common. It comes with either the ability Pickup or Technician.
  • Marowak was previously hinted to have an Alola Form and now it has been confirmed. Alolan Marowak is a Fire/Ghost type Pokémon with the ability Cursed Body or Lightning Rod. Something interesting that the Alolan Marowak due is strike their bone club against their head to ignite is just like striking up a match.
  • The last was the very cute Alolan Raichu. It is now an Electric/Psychic type and this Psychic typing puts a lot of mystery behind it. No one really knows why the Alolan Raichu adapted to gain a Psychic-typing. Alolan Raichu come with the brand new ability Surge Surfer. Surge Surfer doubles a Pokémon’s speed in Electric Terrain.

However, new Pokémon weren’t all that came from this trailer. The “evil team” for these games have been revealed: Team Skull. Team Skull’s motivation is currently unknown, but we got a look at the stylish appearance of the grunts. We also got to meet Plumeria, an Admin for Team Skull who is like a “strict older sister” to the grunts of Team Skull. Finally, we met Guzma. Guzma is the leader of Team Skull and seems to have some beef with Professor Kukui. He’s exceptionally strong in battle, too. What is up with these guys?

Invoked By the Spirit of Justice!

The sixth installment of the Ace Attorney series has had its release date announced. Pheonix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice has been a game that many have been eager to play, so you should look forward for this game releasing on the Nintendo 3DS eShop on September 8th. It isn’t but a month away; are you ready to play it?

Friday, August 12th

Turning Back Time in the latest Zelda title


Nintendo of America put something very interesting on their Facebook feed. Out of thin air, they posted a video showing a dynamic look through the abandoned Temple of Time in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Is there a particular reason for this video being posted? Could more Breath of the Wild information be coming our way? You can check out the Facebook post and video right here.

What’s In a Nintendog’s Name?

Above this is a tweet from Nintendo of America that says it is allowing fans to pick one of four names to name the Community Nintendog. I’m not exactly sure what a “Community Nintendog” is (whether its a real dog or a virtual Nintendog), but I’m sure you all want to name it! Apparently, the winning name will be announced on the 18th.

Saturday, August 13th

Team Skull’s Secrets…

More information for Pokémon Sun and Moon was released earlier this week, and of course, an in-depth analysis of the information is out. This one, made of course by GameXplain, dives into what secrets may be behind Team Skull in these Pokémon titles as well as where you will encounter them. There will also be an analysis on the actual new Pokémon soon.

Pokémon Fan-Game Cease and Desist?!

So, a fan-made Pokémon title called “Pokémon Uranium” has been in development for quite some time, and it was just released to the public very recently. However, the team behind it released this announcement which basically says that they are receiving a cease and desist from Nintendo to stop releasing the downloads. So official download links for Pokémon Uranium will no longer be around. It’s a bit upsetting to see Nintendo crack down on these fan-games but at the same time, I am not surprised.

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