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Week of: 6/27/16 – 7/3/16

Nintendo Spot is basically the major Nintendo news that blasts onto the internet and such, be it leaks or actual news, you’ll hear it from me. I, Sol, will be tackling it as soon as I can, so come here each day to see what has come out into the open!

Sunday, July 3rd

The Pokémon National Championships in Hong Kong had this video above played to the audience, and it shows off the beginning of the game and a bit of gameplay with Rockruff and Komala. Actually, we see that a Rockruff is under the ownership of a Professor Kukui. Isn’t that neat? It also shows off Komala’s Comatose ability in case you were confused.


In an interview with GameInformer, Shigeru Miyamoto and Bill Trinen mentioned their favorite, underrated games on the Wii U. Trinen credited Pikmin 3 as his vote for an underrated game; he also said that one of his favorite parts of the title was the multiplayer mode in the game: Bingo Battle. Miyamoto also agreed with Trinen, but he also mentioned Star Fox: Zero as an underrated game on the Wii U. He argued that it is quite approachable to a younger audience. Do you agree with them? Or do you have a different game you would credit for the most underrated Wii U title?

Saturday, July 2nd

Usually, when an analysis comes up, you’d be expecting something different than a video analyzing the tech of a game. However, the YouTube channel Digital Foundry has analyzed just that for the upcoming Breath of the Wild title for The Legend of Zelda. It’s a very involved video so I’m sure you will enjoy it. Click it to go and watch it!

Here’s another video on Zelda, but this one is on Hyrule Warriors Legends. Yes, the last three DLC Characters have been found hidden in the games code. Or, at least, their names are in it. I don’t know if you want to be spoiled so I won’t actually say them, but I’m sure you will recognize them. If you watch the video, you’ll hear about those three character and what games they come from. Spoilers, they do come from more recent games in the Zelda series!

And, a third video comes! This one is a second part to the DidYouKnowGaming series on Pikmin so its filled with interesting trivia on the Nintendo classic. This one is narrated by Jimmy Whetzel again, so you may also want to check out his channel too (which can be found here). On the topic of the video, I think you’d like to hear about this one because this one has an abnormal and large amount of facts! It is great!

Friday, July 1st


Shaymin is now available over any 3DS Pokémon game over the online Mystery Gift function. Shaymin comes at level 100 with the moves: Seed Flare, Aromatherapy, Substitute, and Energy Ball. If you talk to the lady in the Snowbelle City Pokémon Center in X and Y or talk to the Berry Master’s son on Route 123 in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire with a Shaymin in your party, you’ll get the Gracedia. This is a special flower that allows Shaymin to transform in the ultra-powerful Shaymin Sky Form when it holds it! So, get going trainers!

The Western official for announcing the new Pokémon are officially here. Most things haven’t changed. However, Tapu Koko‘s ability is called Electric Surge and it learns a move called Nature’s Madness. Also, the ability Dazzle is Dazzling in America and Frenzy is called Berserk and has a Pokémon’s Special Attack increase by one when the Pokémon’s HP goes below half its total. Drampa has Berserk as an ability but it also may have Sap Sipper. Cutiefly can have Shield Dust or Honey Gather. Togedemaru has the ability Iron Barbs or Lightning Rod. Bruxish may have Strong Jaw or Dazzling. Charjabug is confirmed to be Grubbin’s evolution and has the new ability called Battery, which raises your allies’ Special Attack stat when the Pokémon is in play. Vikavolt holds the ability Levitate. However, Iwanko and Nekkoala from a while ago were ALSO announced! Rockruff is the Rock-type Dog Pokémon we saw earlier. The koala Pokémon is named Komala and the ability it holds is called Comatose which has it in a “permanent drowsing state” which prevents it from gaining any other status condition. We can also see that we will ride a Stoutland on the southwest island of Alola. Is it wrong to already be eager to see more?


To cap off today’s news, it is worth mentioning that a Splatoon update is coming on Tuesday, June 5th. The big deal coming is the compatibility with the Callie and Marie amiibo, but there is some weapon balancing, bug fixes, and a stage change that helps balances the Rainmaker mode on the Ancho-V Games Map. And don’t forget, there is the final Splatoon Splatfest coming right after that. You better get your votes in!

Thursday, June 30th

Some new Pokémon for Pokémon Sun and Moon were revealed in Japan and their English names have been leaked. I’ll just go over what they are in ordered in from the video above. The first is Tapu Koko, the protector of Melemele Island who seems to be under the ownership of Hala. Tapu Koko is an Electric/Fairy type with the ability Elekimaker which creates Electric Terrain when switched in. Next is Charjabug who is a Bug/Electric type and appears to be Grubbin’s evolution. However, Charjabug’s evolution for sure is the Pokémon that appears after it. This Pokémon is named Vikavolt and is also a Bug/Electric type. After this is Drampa, a Normal/Dragon type with the new ability called Frenzy. Also coming with a new ability is the Pokémon after Drampa which is named Bruxish. Bruxish is a Water/Psychic type with the ability Dazzle, which renders it immune to priority moves like Quick Attack, Shadow Sneak, or Aqua Jet. Next comes Cutiefly, a Bug/Fairy type. Then, finally, we see Togedemaru. Togedemaru appears to be the Pikachu, Emolga, or Dedenne of the Alola region and is Electric/Steel. I bet when the Pokémon are officially revealed here in a day or two we will get more details. GameXplain has also had a short analysis on these guys which you can find here. Which is your favorite? I cannot lie, I’m a huge fan of Tapu Koko and Togedemaru. Both are well designed!


While on “amicable” terms, Scott Moffitt has apparently departed from Nintendo! Or… will be, he’ll be working with Nintendo in his current position until the end of July. Moffitt was the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Nintendo of America and was hired in 2011. In his place, other employees will take certain roles of what the position entails. It is a bit upsetting as I remember his little Mii coming into my StreetPass Plaza once or twice. I cannot begin to have an idea who will replace him, though.


I just mentioned last week or so that it’s been just a year since the Splatfest celebrations have started and now, they are coming to a close! From July 22nd to July 24th, this competition will run and you may be wondering what you must choose between. Well, Callie or Marie! Yes, which Squid Sister is your favorite? Also, if you have connected to Splatoon with your Nintendo Network ID, you’ll be getting a special email for the account connected to your NNID. The email will allow you to vote for which stages should be playable for this last festival! There is also an Art Academy competition that is themed for “Splatfest Memories.” The winning submissions will be featured on the Splatoon Facebook page. For more details on that competition, click here. It’s a bit sad to see the Squid Sisters no longer hold any fun celebrations. I loved seeing those stages at night! And, I have to decide between the two; their amiibo are coming July 8th, and I bought both of them! However, I must choose Marie. She’s queen of clapbacks. Do you agree? Or are you Team Callie?

Wednesday, June 29th

Perhaps one of the more strange and interesting bits of news comes from China and involves Splatoon. So, someone found a rip-off game for mobile devices in China that… practically is Splatoon. It has the music, identical mechanics, near-perfect replica (if not the original) models of the Inklings, and what seems to be online competitive mode. Who knows if this Splatoon rip-off will be yanked anytime soon since China is quite hard to deal with in situations like this. Nonetheless, it is a bit amusing to see this albeit wrong to exist in the first place.


The big Nintendo shareholders meeting just happened and its obvious that you all should now the major details that came out. First, the NX is still scheduled to release this March. Secondly, Nintendo actually did give some reason as to why the NX was not shown at E3 at all. Miyamoto said that the system was not shown so far from its scheduled release as they were worried about imitators going to steal something from the system. The Wii did have several lawsuits from companies against, though all suits against Nintendo dealing with the Wii did lose. Whatever the case, I’d bet that Nintendo has something quite special with the NX that they do not want taken that probably incorporates with their whole “Quality of Life” goal they have taken on. Finally, while nothing new was given out to what Nintendo plans on doing with film and their theme park ideas, it was mentioned during all of this so just know that both projects are still alive! All of these translations from the shareholders meeting were found here.

Super Mario RPG - Slide

To cap off today, you’d be pleasured to know that tomorrow Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars will be blasting onto the Wii U Virtual Console for $7.99. This game has been acclaimed for being not only excellent as a Mario game but as an entire RPG. Have fun meeting fan favorite characters like Geno and exploring this world’s eccentric cast of other assorted characters, enemies, and bosses. You should not pass this opportunity up, folks; go and make the purchase!

Tuesday, June 28th


Yesterday, the Sinnoh Classic was announced. However, I failed to mention that the Pokémon National Championships are just a few days away. This time, they’ll be set in Columbus, Ohio and be running from July 1st to July 3rd. It’s a big deal! Who will be crowned a National Champion? There’s some fierce competition this year with the slight rule changes they’ve allowed… I’m tingling with excitement!


I hate discussing rumors as much as the next guy as they aren’t anything that I’d consider “news.” However, this is actually newsworthy but mainly for the rumors to come up from it. Nintendo is looking for a new Software Programmer that has experience with game engines “such as Unreal Engine 4.” Games that use this engine include Gears of War 4, Street Fighter V, and Silicon Dash (which is one of my favorite apps). Now, this can predictably prompt speculation in the Nintendo NX will utilize Unreal Engine 4. That, however, will most likely remain unanswered until the NX is officially revealed.

Monday, June 27th


The Sinnoh Classic, the latest online Pokémon competition, is starting up soon! Similar to the Johto and Kanto Classics, this competition will allow all Pokémon introduced from Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold and SoulSilver and back. Basically, the first 493. However, any legendary Pokémon such as Jirachi, Palkia, or Arceus is prohibited as well as Heatran, Dragonite, and Tyranitar. Mega Stones, too, are not allowed. Finally, this competition is only available to play on copies of Pokémon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire. Registration will begin July 14th and end July 22nd. All qualified participants will get something special: Cynthia’s Garchomp! It comes with the moves Dragon Rush, Giga Impact, Brick Break, and Earthquake.

Last week, it was announced that the Link’s Awakening DLC Pack for Hyrule Warriors was coming to Japan. Well, as you can see through this video, it will indeed be coming to the United States. The big inclusions are that Marin from Link’s Awakening is a new character to be played as, Linkle gets the new weapons (simply named “Boots”), there is a new Adventure Map: Koholint Map, and there are 15 new My Fairy costume pieces to acquire. This will be available June 30th.

This may not actually mean much, but the person who fan-translated Mother 3, known as ClydeMandelin on Twitter, has apparently been one of the people to translate the latest Mario and Sonic game. There has been a fervent storm of rumors that Mother 3 will be coming to the states rather soon and since Nintendo hired the person who originally got it to the community, could perhaps he have another job? You know, this job being to help officially translate Mother 3 for a Western release? It’s all speculation now yet is certainly a likely occurrence.

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