Super Mario Land Log #3- Arachniphobes and Scopophobes Beware!

Princess Daisy is in trouble and it’s up to Mario to rescue her! Wait…Daisy?! But where are the Toads? And Luigi? Slovenly choice of debut log aside, I must do what is right and put a stop to the evil space captain Tatanga and save the land of Sarasaland!

Previous Logs: Birabuto (World 1)Muda (World 2)

“Welcome to World 3!”

…say a bunch of heads clearly imported from Easter Island.

“Everybody’s Watching You…”

Other than the new background elements, early Easton doesn’t bring much to the table. Soundtracks are recycled from World 1 and enemies and concepts are reused from World 2. However, the second level does introduce two new spider enemies; hence the title. Also, in the 3-2 cavern, I finally figured out how to get to those elusive pipes on top of the screen! Turns out certain blocks will grant a lifting magnet sort of thing. Everyone familiar with Super Mario knows the Winged ? Blocks, and that’s how this platform works, albeit with a less Mario feel, but hey, at least it led me to two lives worth of cash!

3-3 is more like the first level, plus a set of troll platforms and soundtrack dissonance (The Cave Theme plays, yet I start the level outside).

That’s kinda been a thing throughout this game.

Another thing I’ve noticed more since I’ve started playing again is that the game is sometimes prone to slowdown. I know Super Mario Land was made 26 years ago, but couldn’t they have at least fixed one of the biggest red flags of showing a product’s age for the Virtual Console release?

Overall, Easton feels more like an extension of Muda than its own separate kingdom, yet toward the end I had this feeling of adventure; just me, in a lost tomb, with torches, spiders, and boulders trying to kill me everywhere. It was tough (not really), but I made it. All worth it for the precious…

“Aw c’moooooooooooooon! I ‘m running out of ways to dispatch                         of you imitation Daisies! Umm…”

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