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Week of: 5/30/16 – 6/5/16

Nintendo Spot is basically the major Nintendo news that blasts onto the internet and such, be it leaks or actual news, you’ll hear it from me. I, Sol, will be tackling it as soon as I can, so come here each day to see what has come out into the open!

Sunday, June 5th

One of my favorite channels is TheBitBlock and as of late, Josh (the man who heads the channel) has been working on a special series called Make Believe. Imagine it like taking your fan ideas and putting them to life… and they are good! He made this as his own Nintendo Digital Event; in it, he shows off some concepts for Splatoon, Animal Crossing, and… oh, Mario Party! Take a look as I’m sure you’ll like it.


As a person who appreciates their shoe, I certainly like those Nintendo Vans that are in the works. However, if you are planning on buying some of them… well, good luck! It seems they will be out for a limited time. So since they are already, I’d pick them up now. There are also a few sweatshirts and such, so check them all out here. Remember, they may not be out for too long.

Saturday, June 4th


A little bit ago, Nintendo tweeted out something special. It seems to hint that there is more DLC on the way for Mario Kart 8, but I can’t say for certain. A full article was posted on our site, so check it out, here!

So, GameXplain has posted up the second half to their analysis of Pokémon Sun and Moon’s latest news drop. This one focuses on the “meat” of the news we got as opposed to yesterday’s which had just focused on the map of the Alola region. I’d suggest watching that one first, by the way, as this one has a few more pieces of info GameXplain found after their map analysis that pertains to the Alola region. All this news has me so excited for more news, already, but luckily, we won’t have to wait too long! Don’t forget, E3 is just around the corner and Pokémon Sun and Moon will be covered during the Treehouse event.

Friday, June 3rd

GameXplain has seemed to take exploring the Alola region to heart for Pokémon Sun and Moon, it seems, as they have completely torn apart the map of the region we were given. Not only have they put up their own theories to what some of the locations will be but they have made a prediction on the route the player will take. That’s so cool! Do you think they are right? Or… do you have another idea?


The next Splatoon update is coming up next week! Version 2.8.0 will be able to be downloaded around June 8th (depending on your time zone it could come late June 7th, actually). Nine weapons will be coming to the Ammo Knights store as well as two new types of gear will be available in Inkopolis to buy. Also, the maps Arowana Mall, Camp Triggerfish, Bluefin Depot, and Piranha Pit will all have slight edits with this update, too. Nothing major, though, mostly they are just little bits changed for Rainmaker or removing shortcuts. It will only 768MB, too. I can’t wait for this update, those cool weapons I showed off a bit ago is so exciting to see!

Thursday, June 2nd

So! The news has indeed dropped! Pokémon Sun and Moon newsbomb… commence!

Firstly, the legendary Pokémon are indeed Solgaleo and Lunala (notice only one “a” this time around) and are cool. Solgaleo is a Psychic/Steel type Pokémon with the ability Full Metal Body. This makes it so Solgaleo’s stats cannot be lowered. It is deemed as the the beast that devours the sun! Also, its signature move is called Sunsteel Strike and will hit the foe with the force of a meteor regardless of its ability. Lunala is Solgaleo’s counterpart and is a Psychic/Ghost type Pokémon. It has the ability Shadow Shield which allows Lunala to take less damage from a move when at full HP. Lunala’s signature move is called Moongeist Beam which will land regardless of the target’s Ability. Other things confirmed include that Kukui is indeed the professor of Alola and that the rival’s name is Hau whose gimmick is apparently an insatiable hunger. Hau also likes malasadas which are a special Alola treat, too. However, a new character was introduced… Lillie. Lillie is about the trainer’s age and is also the professor’s assistant! She doesn’t like to participate in Pokémon battles and apparently will be key to the story for Pokémon Sun and Moon. Finally, speaking of Professor Kukui, he will provide you a special Pokédex at the beginning of your journey. It is a Pokédex with a Rotom in called, fitfully named the Rotom Pokédex. Asides from providing information, the Rotom Pokédex has its own personality. It will even advise you where to go next. AND THAT is all! However, if you want to see more, click here.


Pokémon Go and Pokémon Sun and Moon will be broadcasted live at E3! So… yes, more than Zelda at E3! Nintendo Treehouse Live will show off Sun and Moon on June 14th and Pokémon GO will have a special Q&A session on June 15th. What details will arise?

Wednesday, June 1st


So, first things first, Junich Masuda is going to appear at the Japan Expo in Paris this July. On the first day of the expo, to celebrate Pokémon’s 20th, he will be hosting some special Master Class on July 7th. And that isn’t all with Pokémon news, because if you remember, tomorrow will bring more Pokémon Sun and Moon news at 9AM EST. There are many bits of news that can come from this! I’m surmising that the two legendaries will be confirmed as Solgaleo and Lunaala (from those trademark leaks a while back) and will have their types and abilities and the like confirmed. I bet you that we’ll even see their signature moves, too! Do you agree? Or are you expecting something much different?


Planning on buying Minecraft on the Wii U? Well, at the very least in Europe but presumably the rest of the world, too, Minecraft: Wii U Edition will be released in physical copies June 30th. It will also include the special Super Mario Mash-Up pack right on the disc! Though, if you just want the game in your hands now, it already is on the eShop.

EVO is a special fighting game tournament that serves as a conglomerate for many different tournaments for games of combat. One of them includes the classic Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Super Smash Bros. Melee. However, EVO has just announced on their Twitter page last night that the tournament has broken a record. It will be the biggest Smash tournament yet! EVO 2016 will be going on from July 15th to the 17th at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Some of the many games that are going to be played there are Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Super Smash Bros. Melee, and Pokkén Tournament. If you’d like to learn more (or perhaps even register), click here!

Tuesday, May 31st

So the first thing we’ve seen today was Nintendo’s line of advertising for the 3DS and this one seems to try to appeal to both younger audiences and especially older fans, too. I found it a bit cute actually, usually I’m not a fan of Nintendo’s commercials but this one seems to work well. It made me smile, so surely it is at least a FINE one, right?


Ah, its that time for the next Pokémon event for the 20th anniversary! This time, Manaphy is out (depending on what region of the world you are in) and is ready to hop into your party. The event will go from June 1st to June 24th and this Manaphy is level 100. It hold the moves Tail Glow, Bubble, and Water Sport. Just get it over the online Mystery Gift feature and you are set!

Monday, May 30th


The first story is quite a strange one. Nearly everyone on the planet knows Pikachu and just as that, Pikachu. Well, in Hong Kong, Pikachu is actually 比卡超 (Bei-kaa-chyu)… or, it was! See, Pokémon Sun and Moon’s upcoming release will have Pikachu translated into something different for Hong Kong. From now on, he’ll be known as 皮卡丘 (Pikaqiu). However, there is seems to be large fan opposition to this. In fact, one online position has massed votes over 5000 and protesters have crowded together in front of the Japanese Consulate in Central to express that they do not want the name changed. I can feel for them, for having the name of something you may have known for quite some time seems a bit irrational.


One of my friends linked me to this quite recently who is big into Mario Kart and I think, for those of you craving difficulty in the game, you’ll like it. A user on created a mod for Mario Kart 8 that amps the difficulty for the CPU’s that race alongside you. The full list of changes is right down below!

  • “Easy” is based on Mario Kart 8’s Normal mode, with the CPU difficuly set to “0.92f”
  • “Normal” is based on Mario Kart 8’s Hard mode, with the CPU difficulty set to “1.015f”
  • “Hard” mode activates the buffed CPU’s, their difficulty set to “1.185f”, You’ll need to take near perfect lines, firehop, and make sure not to get hit. Their item accuracy is also vastly improved. The slower CPU’s have their difficulty raised from “0.5f” to “0.92f”, making it more likely for you to fall behind.

Misc. tweaks

  • The accuracy of the AI items has been improved. Now they will almost always land a perfect shot at the Hard difficulty.
  • The AI will always Rocket Start on Hard Mode.
  • The AI will always land tricks in Hard mode.
  • The 200cc AI has been tweaked, they no longer bump into walls or fall off in “Hard” mode. This is apparent in courses such as SNES Rainbow Road and DS Tick Tock Clock.

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