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Week of: 5/23/16 – 5/29/16

Nintendo Spot is basically the major Nintendo news that blasts onto the internet and such, be it leaks or actual news, you’ll hear it from me. I, Sol, will be tackling it as soon as I can, so come here each day to see what has come out into the open!

Sunday, May 29th

In light of the Splatoon-iversary, Nintendo has announced that Sheldon’s Picks, the special alternate weapons in Splatoon, will have its second volume release June 7th. You can see in the picture that there seem to be a lot of shooter variants this time just like last time. I’m happy to see Nintendo acknowledging Splatoon’s one-year with a reward to us as the players! Here’s to Splatoon going on strong!

Yes, the other story for today is also focused on the Splatoon-iversary! This one comes from the community. On YouTube, this animated video was posted for Splatoon’s major achievement and covers a bit of everything in this Wii U hit. Just like the actual game, there is a lot of color and a lot of fun all throughout this little video. Take a watch and tell me how you like it!

Saturday, May 28th

A new DidYouKnowGaming video is up and focuses on the beloved Super Mario Galaxy games. It shows a bit of trivia on what went into creating the games orchestral soundtrack as well as inspirations the games took from other games from other series because of the developers they had in common. Of course you should watch it; it’s Super Mario Galaxy, so why pass it up?


Yes, what you see above is a new figure of the legendary hero, Link. And yes, it DOES look amazing! Good Smile Company is making this Link figure based completely off his appearance in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. It costs 15,800 Yen and pre-orders are live now until July 27th. Similar to the height of other collectable figures, this Link stands just under 20cm.


Its a short story for the end of today’s coverage, but it sure is important. It’s Splatoon’s first year anniversary! It’s… a… Splatoon-iversary! Woo! Think of all the matches you might have played inside this baby. It makes me happy to just think about it!

Friday, May 27th


So, quite some time ago, a Mega Man cartoon was announced to be in the making. Man Of Action, those behind the television shows Ben 10 and Generator Rex, will be the executive producers heading this project. Aki Light is the main character of this story, an upbeat and happy schoolboy-aged robot living in Silicon City where he must use his Mega Buster to defeat threats to the city. Also, this show will be coming 2017!


CEO 2016 and Nintendo are teaming up to present a Super Smash Bros. competition within the CEO 2016 event at Wyndham Orlando Resort. From June 24th-June 26th, Super Smash Bros. Wii U and Melee will be played by hungry competitors trying their hardest to win. It hasn’t been announced, however, if there will be a live stream, yet.


Another update on Yooka-Laylee’s development is here! Two characters have been detailed. The first is Dr. Quack, a ruthless duck with a strange exosuit. He’s quite the businessman and is trying to make the most out of his unfortunate sub-ordinance to Capital B. The other is Dr. Quack’s prodigy, Dr. Puzz. She left Dr. Quack and his company as soon as Capital B took over, taking her special inventions with her. She is an ally to Yooka and Laylee and, according to the developers, will be the key to all the special transformations (we’ve yet to see) in the game.

Thursday, May 26th

A new, admittedly cheesy, Mighty No. 9 Trailer has been unleashed upon the internet. The game is quickly approaching, so finally fans may be able to play the entire thing for themselves. However, apparently, the leader of Inti Creates (Mighty No. 9’s developer) is not too pleased with this trailer. Takuya Aizu, the leader, aired his distaste for it on Twitter blaming Deep Silver, the publisher, for it. Regardless, Mighty No. 9 releases June 21st.


Monster Hunter Stories is a game arriving in Japan and has just been announced to be coming there October 8th for the 3DS. Yes, that’s all well and good, but there appears to be more to this story. Three new amiibo are being released with it. The first two are One-Eyed Rathalos and Rider amiibo, the male being the one on the left and the female one in the middle, while the last is named “Nabiru.” However, there appears to be a second wave of these amiibo coming this winter. Additionally, the costs of the Rider amiibo are 1800 Yen each while Nabiru is 1200 Yen. I’m sure importers will have these guys if Monster Hunter Stories and its amiibo won’t come to the states, so are you planning on getting these?

Wednesday, May 25th


Ah! Interested in Pokémon GO? Well, there have been a bit more details on it coming out of the woodwork. Officially, I should add. Some details are new, some aren’t. More than a hundred Pokémon, as of right now, are available to be caught around the world with the standard PokéBalls. However, you can only get PokéBalls at PokéStops. PokéStops are basically any key locations around you; landmarks, monuments, things like that. You’ll join one of three times, if you remember, Red, Yellow, or Blue. After joining a team, you’ll topple Gyms, which work more like forts or a “king-of-the-hill” situation as opposed to how the Gyms work in the Pokémon games! More battles against a Gym will lower the Gym’s prestige; simply put, when the prestige reaches zero, the team will lose control of their Gym and the victor of the battle will take it over, assigning their Pokémon to control it. A battle has standard attacks, but you must also dodge attacks towards you by swiping across your phone left or right. To raise a Gym’s prestige and level, you must train your Pokémon with other defending Pokémon. The higher the level of a Gym, the more Pokémon can be assigned to defend it. Also, like in Pokémon X and Y, avatar customization is possible! Finally, if you don’t want to worry about checking your phone constantly for notifications of a new Pokémon (amongst other alerts found in Pokémon GO), you may want to invest in the Pokémon GO Plus. This is a little device that goes around your wrist that connects to your phone’s Bluetooth capability and alerts you. For more details head to the official website or the website for the developers of this free app, Niantic Labs.


Lastly, if you live in New York City and are eagerly awaiting Zelda Next-Gen to get in your hands, you might want to head over to the Nintendo NY Store. It appears you can only play the Wii U version, however. From June 14th through the 19th, the first 500 fans to line up at the store (the line may start 7 AM on June 11th, yes that’s correct. Seems they are expecting quite the turn-out) will get a special wristband which will permit them to enter the store and play the game at 9AM each day. Then, at 3PM, the fans may play the game! I think this will be done for each of the days this event is going on, so you have many chances to go an play it. Let me now, if by some miracle, you get to sample it!

Tuesday, May 24th


We’ve already heard about Nintendo’s E3 plans exclusively focusing on their upcoming Zelda title, but if you need further convincing on the matter, Nintendo’s E3 website has been updated. It obviously shows that Zelda Next-Gen will be the topic of E3 and most likely that alone. This is probably great to all the fans of The Legend of Zelda, right? If you go onto the site, you might see some new symbols for the game, too… eerie, aren’t they? With all of Nintendo’s E3 plans focusing on this game, there certainly is a lot up in the air. The NX is coming soon, so most likely, us consumers won’t have to wait too long. Therefore, I expect a lot of ideas coming from this E3 for Zelda Next-Gen!


Nintendo seems to be giving out their licenses a bit more freely as of late. What with talks about movie deals and the special Nintendo shoes coming out, perhaps it was inevitable that Nintendo has their own brand of UNO cards out, right? Yes, its true! Well, if you are a fan of UNO, and lets face it, who isn’t, I’m sure you are amused by this. In Japan, these will come June 18th and cost 1296 Yen.

Ahhh, to wrap up today, I’m sure those of you who are excited to play Kirby Planet Robobot would love to see what else the game has to offer besides the normal campaign. Well, take a look at Kirby 3D Rumble. It’s almost like a free-roaming, above-view, shooter but not… honestly, I have a bit of trouble explaining it. This video is rather short, so I’d take a peek if you are interested.

Monday, May 23rd

Sonic the Hedgehog’s Twitter seems to be hinting a new project is in the works… that isn’t a huge disappointment. I’d love to get my hopes so high, but a new project with absolutely no other details isn’t call for hype just yet. Perhaps this game will look, feel, and PLAY good, right?

It’s time. Kirby: Planet Robobot is coming June 10th, so with its upcoming release in the West, the commercials are popping up! In this trailer Kirby shows off the popular new addition to the Kirby game, the mech suit he pilots during various sections of the 3DS game. I’ve seen many people excited to try this game out and most likely buy it? Are you? Me? I’m looking into it… but I’m not so sure I want to buy it just yet.

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