What’s NeXt? Things That Should Be Fixed For The Nintendo NX

Ah, the excitement of a new console. The jump from the NES to SNES brought games with a higher-looking quality, the jump from the SNES to N64 brought gaming into a new dimension, the jump from the N64 to GameCube brought enhanced 3D models and a stunning controller people still use today, and finally the jump from GameCube to Wii brought the revolutionary motion controls that set forth the path for games like Super Mario Galaxy. However, looking back on the transition from Wii to Wii U, some might say that things went wrong with the Wii U that Nintendo needs to fix for the rumored upcoming NX. Join us with Mario Party Legacy’s readers to find out what they want to see fixed or established on the NX!


“I’d like the NX’s main controller to get back to the more universal controller models, like the GameCube. I mean, the GamePad is fun and it offers unique experiences, but it isn’t useful in every game. Also, it could bring back GameCube’s best games via Virtual Console!”

While a lot of Nintendo’s “gimmicks” have been successful and fun, a lot of Nintendo fans long for the use of a practical controller, like those of Mircosoft and Sony, even reminiscent of the GameCube controller. This will force Nintendo to look at and improve the core aspects of its games, giving them life without straying too far out of the ordinary. Don’t get me wrong, out of the ordinary is what makes Nintendo so great, but don’t sacrifice the core gameplay of a series for something that’s unique yet doesn’t improve. Motion controls in games like Splatoon and Star Fox come naturally, but the option to play with a Pro Controller isn’t available which bugs some people, not to mention the 50$ price tag that comes with it. Bringing back the GameCube controller for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U was a smart decision. Nintendo, or perhaps Sakurai, saw the appeal of the GameCube controller in competitive Smash, henceforth its revival.  Since GameCube controllers are able to hook up to a Wii U, its games can already be released on Virtual Console to squeeze out some final cash out of the Wii U before its predicted death, or they can be put on the NX to rope in more fans with a sleek new compatible controller that brings in both casual and competitive players, if they decide to do so.

The Wii remote was a crucial part of the Wii’s success with its dynamic motion controls, a simple controller when turned sideways, and even more control with the addition of the Nunchuk.


“If there’s anything the NX could improve over the Wii U, it is the 3rd party support. Nintendo consoles have been lacking it since the Wii, which is a shame, because there are many great games that could look incredible on their consoles.”

It’s no doubt Nintendo can make first party games that hit the ball out of the park. But Nintendo already has the power to make their games look great, yet still no third party support. But does Nintendo need it?

In my own opinion, people come to Nintendo for their first party games, which most last years. Third party games come and go and when you come to the choice of buying a console it’s the strong first party lineup that draws you in. When you want some change, then is the time to try some third party games to get you out of your comfort zone. Nintendo’s worked enough with their own third party developers to polish their games up to the quality of their first party ones, with examples like Bayonetta 2 and Bravely Default. Not to mention Cloud and Ryu as DLC in Super Smash Bros. as DLC. With Nintendo finally moving into the future we have Nintendo on smartphones, new genres like shooters given a shot, and President Kimishima making the decisions and changes that Iwata wanted to see happen. The NX is looking to be push the way further. But was the lack of third-party support the reason its soon-to-be predecessor didn’t do well? I personally think the problem had to do with advertising.

Mister Sushi

“I don’t care what kind of stuff the system has, I think the games are what really matter.”

Straight to the point, eh? Even though the system itself can influence the games on the NX, Nintendo has to put their all into their first party games if they want the NX to do what the Wii U didn’t and the Wii U had a good lineup for sure. However, no one really saw the great games it had because all it had at its release was New Super Mario Bros. U, Nintendo Land, Pikmin 3, and The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD which, yes, these are all quality games but they didn’t wow the crowd. Even then, people thought the GamePad was an addition to the Wii. Good advertising will bring a lot of consumers to the NX, and I think Kimishima knows that well. Once Nintendo has attention of its consumers, bringing lots of the hits from the Wii U will capitalize on that, getting some of the greatest games that people blindly missed onto a more advanced platform. Like I said, Nintendo will continue to make amazing first party titles and innovate, but what’s the use if no one sees it?

The SNES was the first console advancement, but the transition from Wii U to NX will have many more expectations….

So, who’s excited for the NX? I won’t be getting it day one, but I look forward to its announcement and the coming games on the console (if it even is one)! Please leave some criticism, it will definitely helps me in future articles. Can’t wait to see all the discussion down below in the comments section! Thanks a billion for reading  folks!

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