Paper Mario: Color Splash or Color Trash?

Out of all of the many Mario spin-offs, Paper Mario has stuck an impression for a lot of people, with its rich characters, intriguing story, and irresistible RPG combat system. However, a lot of that changed, beginning in 2012 with the latest entry, Paper Mario: Sticker Star and with the newly announced Paper Mario: Color Splash in March’s Nintendo Direct. As of the announcement of Color Splash, the Paper Mario series seems Dire Dire Docks for most fans of the series. Today we will feature some of the community’s opinions on the series, analyzing them and shedding light on topics talked about in the Mario Party Legacy community.

Coin Hunter

“The setting looks brings TTYD to mind but the lack of partners is really dragging the game down. Also the fact that battles look to be unneeded like in Sticker Star is keeping me from thinking it will be as good as the 1st or 2nd one.”

As it stands, many wish to see the return of the Paper Mario formula from the Nintendo 64 title and beloved sequel The Thousand-Year Door. Elements like partners played a crucial part in their success and even more importantly, the experience earned after each battle, defined it as an RPG. Taking away one of Paper Mario’s biggest aspects and making it entirely worthless was a terrible decision in many of its fan’s eyes. However, Coin Hunter mentions that the game is reminiscent of The Thousand-Year Door. Does this mean Intelligent Systems wants to return to the older formula, but they are being limited by Miyamoto?

A bold, bustling town of personality or a Toad-filled wasteland?

Author of The Universe

“Seems like another Sticker Star to me. I can’t seem to enjoy the Paper Mario series anymore, looks like I won’t be buying this game.”

While Color Splash takes inspiration for one of the least liked Mario games, and it can be clearly seen it will be just like it. I genuinely think some will still find fun in this game. Even if the characteristics we know and loved have been drained out, there’s still fun to be had. The Paper Mario games we still love are still there, and we can still enjoy the new games while honoring the (superior) older games. It’s really something we have to get used to, sadly.


“I’m impressed with its beautiful graphics and perfect shading. However, Color Splash for it to succeed, needs to advertise its story and interactions with characters more so that the environments look more interesting to explore.”

The graphics are definitely something to compliment, but this quote from KINGZ says exactly what Nintendo needs to do with this game in order to appeal to fans of the older Paper Mario games. When you think of Paper Mario, you imagine it as if it were a book, an interesting story from start to end. Sticker Star, a game which you can have somewhat fun with, had a dull and boring story with uninteresting worlds. As “colorful” as Color Splash is, games need a good story to be captivating. But the story isn’t just the only problem fans see with Color Splash.

A variety of moves, partners, unique characters and locations, what’s not to like about Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door?


“Nintendo’s being lazy, and basing their “new” games off of old ones and throw in lifeless and forgettable gimmicks. The battles are meaningless, Nintendo better open up their eyes and ears and realize that kids aren’t the only ones playing their games.”

I can see the laziness put into the game, but recreating what we had in older games and improving on it is what we should have. Sticker Star was a test in the waters, and I think Nintendo should have learned from that experience. On to the battle system. Battles in Paper Mario gave players something to strive for, to get to the next level, to upgrade FP to perform more wacky moves, or to increase BP to put on more badges. The Thousand-Year Door improved on the original’s battle system, giving partners HP, and adding stylish moves. All that was more memorable than coloring everything with a hammer will ever be! Kids will chew up anything you sell them Nintendo, but if you put in effort, these games will be the games kids will be nostalgic about when they grow up, just like we have!


Well, thanks for reading, and thank you to those who gave their lovely opinions. Perhaps Nintendo should listen to them! But what are YOUR opinions on Paper Mario: Color Splash? A unique entry or a bland Sticker Star remake? How did you feel about this article? Complaints? Compliments? Thank you once again for reading, folks!

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