Nintendo Spot: 4/12/16 – 4/17/16


Week of: 4/12/16 – 4/17/16

Nintendo Spot is basically the major Nintendo news that blasts onto the internet and such, be it leaks or actual news, you’ll hear it from me. Usually we’d start on a Monday for each week, but for the first week, I (Sol, that’s me, heh) will be starting Tuesday and ending Sunday. Oh, and if I miss some news you think I should cover for a day, don’t be afraid to nag at me in the comments and I will either add it to the day or cover it tomorrow. It all depends on the particular piece of news. Otherwise, enjoy.

Sunday, April 17th

Our first topic today is one of my favorite series on YouTube and one I have been following for quite some time: Did You Know Gaming! The very popular YouTube series recently just tackled the Mario Party series, so obviously I had to cover it. There’s a lot of interesting facts the video gives including some background to original N64 titles. Please, feel free to watch it!


When Super Mario Maker first was announced, practically everyone prepped themselves to create a complete game of Super Mario Maker levels but… it wasn’t meant to be, sadly, as in order to create a high amount of levels, you would need a lot of good ratings from your levels. Yet, Reddit user finalsmashPro managed to receive enough as he has created his own full set of levels; he dubs it Super Mario Bros. Maker and if you’d like to dip your toe in this series of levels (the later ones are EXTREMELY hard), please check out his post he created on Reddit here.


Kirby Planet Robobot on the 3DS has clearly been getting a lot of news shown off since the games release in Japan and subsequently the rest of the world is quickly approaching. However, with all these new trailers and pieces of artwork for the game, it was bound that GameXplain on YouTube would be created an analysis juggling all the bits of info put out in recent days. The video can be found here, but some of the most exciting stuff they found is at the end; I’d stick around and completely watch the whole thing, found here.

Saturday, April 16th

Shigeru Miyamoto is pretty much the star player over in Nintendo. He’s well-known for his part in creating series such as Zelda, Mario, and Pikmin. However, this video (made by The Pokémon Company) shows off a short part of an interview detailing some of Miyamoto’s account between him and the Pokémon series. It’s so great to hear from Miyamoto. Fun fact: he and I share birthdays!


As a person who, while not good at it, is enthralled with the competitive Super Smash Bros. scene, commentary on character balancing and how certain characters fare against others is just so interesting. To hear, statistically, how many games Dr. Mario would win against Pikachu is just a neat fact to hear. The community enjoys complaining; that is just how they are! Whether or not the game is balanced is something that is constantly up for discussion… but nothing is perfect. Sakurai explains much of how balancing Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS went in this video here. One of the best parts is him explaining how he thought of constructing the game; the character who is more skilled at the game isn’t guaranteed to win (especially with items on!) Check out the video made by Source Gaming here.

Friday, April 15th

Kit and Krysta over at Nintendo Minute are showing off Star Fox Zero on the Wii U, a game most of the community is hyped for. I mean, it is the return of Fox, Falco, and the rest of the Star Fox team after a long hiatus. The two are showcasing Star Fox Zero’s co-op mode, which I’m sure you will want to try out after watching this video. Star Fox Zero is releasing April 22nd!


Japan has had a recent poll on what the people think are the most handsome Pokémon. A strange thing for us in the West, but the East is just different. Number one was the legendary Pokémon Mewtwo! Many of these are to be expected but, uh, where is Gallade? Gallade is the gallant Pokémon; his name comes from it. Fearow is on the list and that is just a plain ol’ angry bird. Let me know which Pokémon are the most handsome… perhaps you are a Feebas type of guy? Regardless, here is the full list:

  1. Mewtwo
  2. Lugia
  3. Charizard
  4. Lucario
  5. Suicune
  6. Scyther
  7. Ninetails
  8. Arcanine
  9. Darkrai
  10. Machamp
  11. Scizor
  12. Garchomp
  13. Gyarados
  14. Absol
  15. Houndoom
  16. Rayquaza
  17. Groudon
  18. Latios
  19. Fearow
  20. Zoroark

Kirby Planet Robobot is slowly creeping up on a release. Just earlier this week we saw some Japanese footage at new Copy Abilities the robotic suit Kirby can control as well as a sneak peek at the new ESP Copy Ability, but now we see a lot of new official artwork through this culmination created by GameXplain which shows a bunch of beautiful artwork of mechanized Kirby enemies as well as the stylish artwork of the new ESP Copy Ability and returning Mirror Copy Ability (YES!) inside. Take a look, guys and gals!


Oh, and today, Bravely Second was released. This RPG is a sequel to well-received Bravely Default (also on 3DS) has been a game many people have been anxiously awaiting for… but, ooh wow! It is here right now, so if you are a fan of the RPG series, go and get it now!

Thursday, April 14th


Splatoon’s latest Splatfest theme has been announced, and it is another sponsored one, similar to the Transformers Splatfest we had a few months back. This one comes from Nickelodeon and asks the question: Spongebob or Patrick? Next Saturday and Sunday, be prepped to duke it out against players who chose against you in Splatoon. I know who I’m picking, but do you?


If you are still into Miitomo, you’ll be excited to hear that some new prizes that use the My Nintendo Points have been placed into the game. The Super Famicom hoodie (super stylish, I might point out), the Bee costume, and Viking Helmet are available for 200 points and I’ll leave it to you on which to choose. I mean, Miitomo’s clothing catalog is great and all, but that Super Famicom hoodie is calling my name…

Here’s an interesting project arriving on Kickstarter. This project is called the Nintendo 64 Anthology. This book contains hundreds of game reviews through the years and interviews, too, all revolving around one of arguably the most legendary gaming system’s out there… of course, the Nintendo 64. I wasn’t really raised in that time, but even I recognize the legendary mark it has made on gaming history. The goal the Kickstarter project is aiming for is $56,850 and currently has just under $14,000 dollars. If you are interested in this, click right here!

The 15th anniversary of the Animal Crossing has just passed and Nintendo of Japan has released a cute video looking back at the beloved series. Multiple people I know are a big fan of the series for various reasons… the music, the characters, the laid-back attitude you can take towards playing it… all culminate into one of Nintendo’s key franchises. Despite Nintendo’s recent ventures with Animal Crossing (cough, cough, amiibo Festival), we all can agree on just how important and well-known it is. Are you guys a fan of the series, too? Got any memories looking back? I remember back towards the Wild World days on DS, trying to make the most out of my hovel of a home. Oh, it is such a nice thought to look back on!

Wednesday, April 13th


Inktastic news for you Splatoon fans out there, as a new update has just hit the scene. Vibrant recolors to various weapons already found in Splatoon have been added (eight, to be precise). They look so cool and are very much different than the standard weapons already found in the game, so I hope you enjoy. This version, version 2.7.0, has other additions to it, so if you want to see the full update log, check it out here!


For those of you in North American playing Pokken Tournament, you might have seen servers have gone down. They are under maintenance as the version 1.2 patch given to North American players was different than the one in other regions in the world. Shadow Mewtwo has a special move in field mode that is slightly different compared to everyone else, so when playing online, the servers cannot handle the data. Hopefully, they’ll be back up in no time!

Above is a new trailer for Kirby Planet Robobot for the Nintendo 3DS straight from Japan that showcases many of the abilities (including some newly revealed returning Copy Abilities, such as my personal favorite, Mirror) and armor capabilities as well. In fact, this trailer showcases a new Copy Ability as well, ESP. You may notice it may bear a striking resemblance to a particular PSI kid. There’s also some footage of various other game modes within Kirby Planet Robobot, so I highly suggest watching this one, guys and gals.

Tuesday, April 12th



Earlier today, CoroCoro leaked and we’ve all been anxiously waiting and properly clenched for the news that we all thought was going to crash in that would be about Pokemon Sun and Moon. However, perhaps its best we do not get our hopes up. At all. We were so very much teased in CoroCoro; the box art for Sun and Moon is shown but practically completely obscured. It would be a lie that we were news-free this month, though. Magearna, the mysterious Pokémon we’ve been seeing bits and pieces of, has been confirmed to be a Steel/Fairy type. Not too exciting, I’d say, as most of us were expecting it to be that type. Perhaps next month we will get a news bomb dropped, as CoroCoro did promise a “huge scoop” that will be detailing something special in Sun and Moon. Maybe it will be the box art legendaries or maybe the starters or it could quite possible be something completely different. Who knows?


Oh, and for you Pokkén Tournament fighters out there, update 1.2 is available for download. This is the update that fixes Shadow Mewtwo’s infinite combo error.


Metroid Prime: Federation Force (don’t be bitter) has just released its teaser site. The shooter scheduled to launch on the 3DS this spring in North America (and sometime in summer for Europe) and while no new footage is up, there is a healthy selection of screenshots supplied as well as a basic rundown of the features Federation Force has to offer.


Various videos showing off footage from the side-game Star Fox: Guard have surfaced from various people on the web. Each has their own set of commentary and own unique footage which you can find here, here, or here. Also, if you would like to see the (admittedly pretty nice) opening cutscene and tutorial to Star Fox: Guard, you might want to click here!

Finally, for you collectors out there, a beautiful new Nendodroid will be having pre-orders launch tomorrow: A Zelda (from Wind Waker) Nendodroid. Look at how chibi is! Don’t you want to just pick it up and squeeze it? Let me know if you plan on buying; I am such a fan of the Nendodroids that have been released thus far.

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