New Update and Course Deletion Guidelines for Super Mario Maker

Have you had a course deleted from Super Mario Maker? Nintendo has updated their support page on Super Mario Maker, specifically detailing why some courses are taken offline. The new guidelines state that low Star count or play count after a certain period of time will get your level deleted, as well as levels that feature bugs or broken elements. Take a look at the full details here:


  • Low stars/plays
    • After a fixed period of time, courses with low stars/plays will be automatically deleted from the server.
  • Bugs
    • Courses that include bugs that were unintended by either the course creator or the developers will be deleted. It’s important that we remove levels with bugs quickly, because letting these levels remain in Course World can lead to negative outcomes for many players such as players experiencing levels in unfair ways that the original course creator did not intend, or re-writing “World Record” times.
  • Requesting stars from other users
    • Courses that are explicitly asking for stars from other players will be deleted. For example, users are unable to use words “Like”, “Yeah!”, and the “★” symbol in their course names. Please change the course name when saving a course that includes these words.
  • Inappropriate Content
    • Courses that contain something inappropriate, such as offensive language or phrases will be deleted.
  • Other behavior in violation of the Nintendo Network Code of Conduct. Please note that repeated violations can result in additional penalties.


Super Mario Maker also received an update this past week, bumping the game up to version 1.42. While the update is described to fix a number of issues and to make “for a more pleasant gaming experience,” the update file size comes to whopping 354MB. What could be taking up all that space?

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