Top 5 Items from Mario Party 3

Quite a few people would say Mario Party 3 has the best item system of all Mario Party games, and in my personal opinion, that would be correct. Today, I’m going to list my personal five best items that you should be using when you play Mario Party 3! SuperZambezi wanted me to make a list, because unlike him, I buy a diverse set of items and not just Reverse Mushrooms and Item Bags. Let’s get this list started!

5. Golden Mushroom

Golden Mushroom is an item you can buy from Toad for 10 Coins. The Golden Mushroom is a very useful item that can get you out of a jam. Worried you’re going to land on a Bowser Space nearby? Use the Golden Mushroom. Is someone with a Bowser Suit close to you? Use the Golden Mushroom. Do you need to get to the Star before another rival? Use the Golden Mushroom. It’s a very versatile item that can come in handy in multiple situations.

4. Cellular Shopper

Cellular Shopper is an item you can buy from Toad for 5 Coins. This item is definitely one of the best items ever! Getting to visit the Item Shop when EVER you want? Yes, please! As the game changes, you can buy an item according to the situation you’re in. Here’s an example: Is someone nearby passing by Boo? Visit Toad, and buy a Boo Repellent. The Star moves, and you need to get through a gate? Buy a Skeleton Key. See how useful that is? It’s just a shame they never brought back this item in any future Mario Party game.

3. Reverse Mushroom

Reverse Mushroom is an item you can buy from Baby Bowser for 5 Coins. This item is Donkey Kong‘s favorite item… it’s also SuperZambezi’s favorite item. Is this a coincidence…? I’ll let the readers decide. Anyway, this item is also very versatile in usage, as you can use this item on yourself, or on a rival.

Using it on a rival is good if they are near the Star, Boo, or the Item Shop. Although this is very evil, if a player just recently passed the Bank Space and they are still near that Space, you could use the Reverse Mushroom on them so they have to visit the Bank again… and then a THIRD TIME when they move regularly next turn! That’s a loss of 15 Coins! Be careful who you do this to; they definitely will NOT be happy with you!

Using it on yourself is also pretty useful. Maybe the Star Space is behind you (or you’re right on top of it…), so using it on yourself will force you to go backwards, giving you a chance at getting the Star! Another amazing thing you can do is visit Boo up to three times! Pass by him normally, then use the Reverse Mushroom on yourself on your next turn, you’ll pass by him for a 2nd time. Then on your 3rd turn, you can visit Boo AGAIN, and steal even more!

Also, mind you, this item costs only 5 Coins! That’s a steal for all the amazing stuff you can do. Regardless of who you’re using it on, this item will definitely bring you ahead. Another great item that they never brought back in the Mario Party series. Back Spaces don’t count as items, guys!

2. Boo Bell

Boo Bell is an item you can buy from Baby Bowser for 15 Coins. A very deadly item that allows you to steal Coins or Stars from players. This item will break the hearts of friends, but will bring you ahead of the game. I personally love getting two Boo Bells, then stealing Coins from someone first, and finally stealing their Star! Considering buying Stars are the whole point of the game, an item that steals Stars is incredibly useful. Don’t undermine stealing Coins either; you can steal Coins from someone when they’re near the Star Space, the Boo passing event, or even the Item Shop, preventing them from being able to buy anything if you steal enough!

1. Plunder Chest

Plunder Chest is an item you can buy from Baby Bowser for 10 Coins. This, ladies and gentlemen, is by far the most potent, deadly item of Mario Party 3. Why, you may ask? Fear. If you don’t know what I mean, I’m talking about the fear of having your items stolen. When a player has a Plunder Chest, that gives them power to steal from any rival they choose. If a rival has a Magic Lamp or a Boo Bell, players with the Plunder Chest can easily steal it. One thing is for sure; your rivals will not want to buy any powerful items like the ones mentioned because they’ll be scared their item will be stolen and used against them. Holding onto a Plunder Chest the whole game is actually a pretty good strategy, if it successfully scares the other players from getting good items.

Thank you so much reading my list! Please, post below some of your favorite item strategies to use, and list your own personal five best items in Mario Party 3!

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