MPL Community Picture of the Day: Week 65

Week 65! Pokemon is the theme this week, so if you have any new or old images from any Miiverse compatible Pokemon games or Pokemon characters in Smash, send them in! Use the “Weekly Theme” image category when submitting your image!


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Monday, February 29


The glitch lives on.


OK, 1st Poke Ball, let’s see how it… what?


We’ve got plenty of steps left in the Safari Zone, let’s search for something rare before time runs out, and oh hey, it’s Chansey. I’ll throw a Safari Ball, it’ll probably burst out and fl… WHAT?!


Submitted by: MQJinx

Game: Pokemon Red/Blue



Tuesday, March 1


~Beginner’s Guide to Pulling a Heist~


Step 1: Prepare your getaway team at the exit of the dungeon.


Step 2: Throw every expensive item you have along the floor – the more items the better!


Step 3: “Sell” all the items for a ton of cash!


Step 4: Take all the item that you can!


Step 5: Refuse the shopkeeper’s… uhh… “generous” offer.


Step 6: GET OUTTA THERE!!! Note that the Pokemon that retrieved the goods must be sacrificed in order to escape!


Note : Having Orb like this by your side can be extremely helpful if the exit is nearby!


Step 7: Escape! Usually you will end off using your escape team, but in the case they’re targeted first, improvise!


Congrats! You have successfully pulled off a heist! Aren’t you proud of yourself?


Submitted by: Yoshiman222

Game: Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon



Wednesday, March 2


Isn’t it cool knowing that some of your favorite Pokémon of all time live in one place?


Submitted by: Luigidenne3DSGCN

Game: Pokemon Rumble World



Thursday, March 3


Don’t use Focus Energy. Because of a bug: In Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow, Focus Energy quarters the chance of you getting a Critical Hit, rather than increase it. So, don’t use it!


Submitted by: SpiderStaryu

Game: Pokemon Red/Blue



Friday, March 4


…And this is the moment we’ve all been waiting for…


The nominees for best Pokemon of the year are…


Pikachu – Pokemon Yellow


Charizard – Pokemon Red


Lucario – Pokemon Diamond & Pearl


Greninja – Pokemon X & Y


And the winner is…!


…Fox – Mad Max: Furry Road!! Congratulations!


Submitted by: DJ

Game: Super Smash Bros. for 3DS



Saturday, March 5


You’ve had over 20 years to learn your own grandson’s name ¨professor¨ Oak. Pull yourself together man.


Submitted by: MKKINGZ

Game: Pokemon Red/Blue



Sunday, March 6


Happy Pokemon Week!


Submitted by: SuperZambezi

Game: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U



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