Mario Party Item Highlight #3 – Magic Lamp

As part of the Month of Mario Party Items, this new series will focus on individual items and their evolution throughout the series.

The Magic Lamp is one of the many crowned jewels of the Mario Party item system. Getting your hands on this item will take you straight to the Star, no questions asked. Of course, this doesn’t mean the Star is free, but being able to have access to it at any point of game is a specialty you don’t want to miss out on.

As many other items have along with the Magic Lamp, this item first appeared in Mario Party 2 where players would have to fork over a hefty 30 coins at the Item Shop to get this golden treasure. The item returned in Mario Party 3 and Mario Party 4 where it could be bought for a more reasonable 20 coins. With the introduction of Capsules in Mario Party 5, the Wiggler Capsule replaced the Magic Lamp. This time it could be thrown onto a space, allowing anyone who lands there to be taken to the Star, provided you had the 20 coins needed to purchase it.

Mario Party 6 replaced the Wiggler Capsule with the Flutter Orb. Functioning just like Magic Lamp, a Flutter would appear and take you right to the star. This item returned in Mario Party 7. No such item made it into Mario Party 8, and Mario Party DS introduced the Star Pipe which only cost you a sweet 15 coins at the shop. And you could buy more than one!

Since Mario Party 9, Island Tour, and Mario Party 10 no longer used the classic style of gameplay, no variation of the Magic Lamp made it into these games. With that said, here are some fun facts on the Magic Lamp!

  • While Mario Party 8 didn’t feature a Magic Lamp item, landing on a DK Space in DK’s Treetop Temple served the same purpose.
  • The Mushroom Genie is summoned from the Magic Lamp in Mario Party 2-4. His last appearance is also his largest. Literally!
  • Speaking of the Mushroom Genie, the magical fellow got a name change to Genie of the Lamp in Mario Party 4.
  • Don’t forget that the Magic Lamp and its variations have more than one use. It can also be used as a warp to another area of the map, or a way to get away from your current position!

Is the Magic Lamp a fair item? Is it your favorite? Sound off in the comments below!

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