Mario Party Item Highlight #1 – Mushroom

As part of the Month of Mario Party Items, this new series will focus on individual items and their evolution throughout the series.

Ah, the Mushroom. It’s the item that’s been in the series since items were first introduced in Mario Party 2. In Mario Party 4 it was replaced with the Mega Mushroom, only to return to its original form through the Mushroom Capsule in Mario Party 5. Soon it was replaced with the Mushroom Orb in Mario Party 6 and Mario Party 7, only to change into the Twice Candy in Mario Party 8. The Double Dice Set from Mario Party DS ushered in the dice block forms of this item, with the 1-10 Dice Block in Mario Party 9, the Gold Dice Block and the Dash Mushroom in Island Tour, and finally the Double Dice Block in Mario Party 10.

Needless to say, the Mushroom, and its ability to provide you with a second roll in one turn, has been the cornerstone of the item system in just about every single Mario Party game. It’s been the key to strategic moves, the obvious option at the Item Shop, and the one item that’s always good to have on hand. There’s a reason why it shows up in every game, and you can always expect some kind of variation in future titles!

So, now that you’ve read through everything you already knew about the Mushroom, here are some tips and fun facts that you may not have known about!

  • Rolling the same number twice will get you 10 coins in MP 2-8 and MPDS. Getting two 7’s will grant you 20 coins in MP2 and MP3, but this was bumped up to 30 coins in MP 4-8, along with MPDS.
  • In Mario Party 4, using the Mega Mushroom as a strategic item was dramatically changed when you were no longer able to purchase stars or visit shops while under the effect of the mushroom.
  • Using a Mushroom on Faire Square can possibly let you pass the Star Space twice, depending on your location.
  • The Mushroom is Mario’s favorite item in MP2. This was replaced with the Golden Mushroom in MP3.
  • The price for this item usually sits at about 5 coins, but when it was first introduced in Mario Party 2, the Mushroom ran you 10 coins.
  • The Mushroom in MP3’s Toadstool Titan minigame is the only Mushroom in the series that both looks, acts, and sounds like the Mushroom from the original Super Mario Bros.

And with that, you have your Mushroom, one of the most important items in Mario Party history. Which item should we look at next?

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