Help us Form the Future of Mario Party Legacy!

The success of a website will always be determined by its userbase. Without the readers, there is nobody to look through the articles, nobody to participate in our Community Nights, and nobody to comment and engage with the community. That’s why it’s important to always be in the loop with your readers and that’s why we’re asking you to vote in some polls! Sounds like fun, right?

In all honesty, these polls really do tell us a lot. So please vote in all of them and make sure to be honest! You’re also able to vote up to three options in almost every poll. And please use the comments to sound off any more thoughts, concerns, suggestions, and anything else regarding the future of Mario Party Legacy! We would really love to hear everything, both good and bad!

What makes you visit MPL the most?
How often do you visit MPL?
How should Community Picture of the Day be handled in the future?
How often should Community Nights be held (according to how often you would join)?
Which past feature would you like to see return?
What types of articles would you like to see more of?
What do you think Mario Party Legacy should cover?
If Mario Party Legacy were to add more members to the writing staff, would you be interested in applying?
Why do you visit the Forum?
Why do you listen to the podcast?
What kind of episodes would you like to see more of on the podcast?
Do you follow Mario Party Legacty on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc?
What is the biggest thing on MPL that needs improvement?
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