Road to Smash DLC Speculation – Day 2: Power-Ups as Items

Welcome to our Road to Smash DLC article series! Each day we’ll take a look at a character, location, or item from the Super Mario series that we would love to see make it into Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS through the upcoming release of DLC. These aren’t necessarily predictions, just fun looks at further ways the Super Mario series can make it into Smash!

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The Mario series is home to a number of different power-ups and items that allows the series to be as creative as it is. Some of these items have already made it into Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U. Grabbing a Mushroom will double your size, and a Star will grant you invincibility, but what other power-ups would make sense in Smash? With items like the Fire Flower, the Super Leaf, the Poison Mushroom, and the Metal Box already in the game, let’s take a look at what other power-ups could be thrown into the mix!

Note that these are all power-ups, meaning ability changing items. Don’t expect other Mario items and objects to make it into this list! Also note that power-ups that require changes to a character’s model are not very likely!

Propeller Box

While yes, the Propeller Box does require the player to place a costume of sorts on, it’s shouldn’t be too hard to image a block on a character’s head. That said, the item would work similarly to the Bunny Hood. You’ll be able to reach the same height, albeit slower, but you also have the ability to come spinning down in an attack that would play out like the Drill item.


Double Cherry

This one is not very likely just based on the limitations of the hardware, but imagine the ability to pick up a Double Cherry and essentially play with two fighters. For those that aren’t familiar, the Double Cherry will create a clone of your character that mimics your every move. The only downside is that if it gets hit, that’s it! For Smash, the rules can be bent to give the clone 10-20HP before it bites the dust.


Mega Mushroom

If the Super Mushroom wasn’t enough, the Mega Mushroom is what you need! For a short time, the Mega Mushroom will grow your character to an enormous size that takes up a good chunk of the stage. Anyone who touches you will get knocked back, but it wouldn’t cause any damage. Movement is slowed down as well!


Ice Flower

This one shouldn’t be too hard to imagine. The Fire Flower allows you to send a flame in the direction your faced. The Ice Flower would do the same, but with an icy wind instead!


Slow and Speed Flower

These two flowers from Super Paper Mario would allow you to manipulate the speed of battle. What makes this different from the Timer is that only your immediate surrounding area is affected. So if you have the Speed Flower active, a glow will surround your character and anyone who falls into this glow will increase the speed of all their actions. With the Slow Flower you’ll be able to slow down the moves of other players and place yours before they ever could, while the Speed Flower can really mess someone up if it’s going too fast, especially when it comes to recoveries!


Mystery Mushroom

Just like in Super Mario Maker, the Mystery Mushroom will transform your character into their 8-bit version. Nothing but your appearance will change, so this is really just a costume. Since all the Smash Bros. characters are already in Super Mario Maker through this method, it would be fun to see it in Smash as well!


Got any other ideas for possible power-ups in Smash? Let us know in the comments!

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