Introducing Monthly Themes to Mario Party Legacy

We all loved the Year of Luigi. The year of 2013 (and some of 2014!) was dedicated to our cowardly fellow in green, and this changed the way Nintendo talked about upcoming games and how different events became centered on Luigi. Unfortunately, Nintendo has yet to do the same for any other character, but we at Mario Party Legacy are looking to change that!

Starting in January, each month at Mario Party Legacy will be dedicated to a single character or game, or even just a general Mario theme. The articles you see and the features we create will revolve around that theme all throughout the month, and you’ll be able to participate in celebrating with us. And it won’t be the staff that picks the themes either. Before the start of each month, a poll will be put up where anyone can vote for the next theme.

The potential themes will be random, but we’ll try to include some that have something to do with that month. Perhaps a game is being released that month, or maybe a character was first introduced in said month. Either way, feel free to also leave suggestions for possible themes for the following month so we have them ready for the next poll.

With all that said, here is the poll for the first monthly theme set for January of 2016!

What theme should be used for January of 2016?


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