Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Official Website Suggests Additional Characters

UPDATE: The official website has been changed. Looks like the number of new playable characters in this entry is in fact three!


An update revealing the full official site for Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash has launched, and with it came an interesting piece of information. The statement reads:

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash features five new characters alongside returning fan favorites.

So what could this mean? On the same page, the complete character roster is shown off, marking Rosalina, Toadette, and Sprixie each with a “New” tag. Does that mean we are getting two additional characters that have never appeared as playable characters in a Mario Tennis game before? Or could the remaining two characters just be Toad returning for the first time since Mario Tennis on the Nintendo 64, along with the redesigned Bowser Jr?

Two additional characters would make sense, given the way the character select screen is arranged. The random character button can be moved to its own row, leaving two additional spots. Maybe even an additional row of three slots after that? It’s possible, but a lot of this is grasping for straws in a game that has already been shown to be lacking content.

Or maybe it’s just a typo.

At any rate, the official website doesn’t reveal too much else about the game, but we do have two new pieces of official artwork to enjoy.


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