High Score Wednesday #6 – Nintendo Land Pachinko Machine

Each Wednesday, a different challenge will be presented to the community. You have until the end of the day to post an image of your score and get yourself on our leaderboards! At the end of the day, everyone will be ranked and we will see who came out on top!

Apologies for the two week break. We’re back with another High Score Wednesday! This time…

Get the highest amount of unlockables in the Pachinko Machine in Nintendo Land.

The Pachinko Machine in Nintendo Land unlocks all the cool figurines and music tracks you see and hear on the plaza. In order to get coins to use in the machines, you’ll need to play minigames and attractions to earn them. Once you feel like you have a good amount, head over to the Pachinko Machine and give it whirl. Try to get as many unlockables in one go as you can – take an image once you are done to prove your score!

Normally, you have until 11:59PM PT tonight to submit your score, but I will accept submissions tomorrow as well!


SuperZambezi x17 Image


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