Mario Kart Monday – October 2015

Start the week off with a round of Mario Kart! Each Monday, join us for an hour of item throwing and star charging as we play either Mario Kart 7 or Mario Kart 8. We play for one hour on Mondays at 3PM PT/6PM ET.


UPDATE: Let us know what times work best for you on Monday! Tell us in the comments!

Welcome to the very first Mario Kart Monday! Join us each week as we play an hour of Mario Kart every Monday, each time with a different rule or different game. This post will act as both a schedule for the month of October and a hub to post your comments and communicate! With that said, here is the schedule for the month!


October 5

Game: Mario Kart 8

Rules: This time we are only playing the 16 DLC tracks! 150cc, all characters.

Community Code: 5183-3864-8276


October 12

Game: Mario Kart 7

Rules: Newcomers only! This means you can only play as Metal Mario, Wiggler, Lakitu, Honey Queen, and yes, Shy Guy!

Community Code: 00-0944-8992-3681


October 19

Game: Mario Kart 8

Rules: You can only play as the babies in this one! That includes Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Baby Peach, Baby Daisy, and Baby Rosalina! 150cc, all tracks.

Community Code: 5183-3864-8276


October 26

Game: Mario Kart 8

Rules: It’s 200cc and frantic mode! All tracks, all characters.

Community Code: 5183-3864-8276


And here is the chat to talk during Mario Kart Monday!

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