Welcome to the Latest Update to Mario Party Legacy!

Mario Party Legacy has a new look! We’re proud to present the latest theme, the first in over two years, along with several other changes and new features!

First off, the new theme. Making this our ninth theme, our newest theme takes a more modern approach with big images, simplistic design, and sharp edges. A smaller and more elegant slider appears at the top of every page, while the header links have changed. The old links can now be found at the bottom of each page, while the new header highlights important event pages and ongoing activities on Mario Party Legacy. New buttons can be found on the right, while a schedule of upcoming events sits right above them! The site also works better on mobile devices, but it’s still wonky at the moment.

Unfortunately, this update also saw the removal of the Mario Party buttons and game pages. In an age where information is excellently cataloged in quality wikis and databases, the need for pages dedicated to Mario Party game information is no longer needed on MPL. If we find a way to incorporate them in a fun and unique way, we’ll consider bringing them back.

Hub pages for common Mario Party Legacy activities and events can be found in the header links. Use these hub pages to quickly access archives of past features like Community Pic of the Day and Question of the Week!

Our biggest update has to be our new focus on community events. We love our Community Night events, but we want to do more! In addition to Community Night, we’ll be adding two more weekly events. You can check out the current schedule here.

Mario Kart Monday will do just as the name implies – an hour of Mario Kart with the MPL community. High Score Wednesday will feature some sort of challenge every week where readers can submit their high scores for our leaderboards! This day is also dedicated to online play with classic titles! If these events are successful, we’ll start adding even more to the lineup!

With that said and done, Mario Party Legacy will continue to see small changes here and there. If you see something out of place, please comment and let us know!

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