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Monday, September 14



Well, I guess we’re all doomed.



Not even the 3DS version is safe…


Submitted by: 8B1T

Game: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U



Tuesday, September 15



Learning can be used for a bad purpose…


Submitted by: RobinFTW

Game: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U



Wednesday, September 16



The Robbery – Part 1:
In Inkopolis, B498 the Inkling has no more money, and is ready to steal TONS of clothing just to get up to S+ Rank! He said he would go to Sheldon’s weaponry next!


Submitted by: Bowser498

Game: Splatoon



Thursday, September 17



A child looking at her once-peaceful town slowly crumbling apart, a result of the war between the light, dark and mankind… Isn’t it sad?


Submitted by: Zympherior

Game: Kid Icarus: Uprising



Friday, September 18



While we’re waiting for the next Splatfest to get underway, now’s the time to chill like krill!


Submitted by: SuperMushroomU

Game: Splatoon



Saturday, September 19



Things NOT To Say During A Super Smash Bros. Match, Episode 1:
“Hey, uh, where’s the ‘attack’ button again?”



“Dude. Coin mode. Pac-Land. All items. Jigglypuff only. Right now.”



“Mewtwo sucks, yo.”








Submitted by: Luigiguy567

Game: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U



Sunday, September 20



Welcome to RBY Factory. The main objective is to deactivate all the coloured blocks that are blocking the way to the Goal. Allow me to guide you through.



First, take out the Pink Blocks your Mini is standing on at the start, then drop into the cannon and get ready to fire to the right.



But before you do launch the cannon, make sure you block off the Venus Fire Traps’ fireballs by putting Pink Blocks over them.



You’ve now pressed Switch #1 (Red). Now activate the Gravity Wall your Mini is standing on and enter the Yellow Pipe.



Welcome to Part 2. Drop down to the conveyor belts below, and collect the Purple Conveyor Belt pieces as you go. Make sure you change the direction of the conveyor belts quickly and wisely so the Mini doesn’t hit any spiked walls.



As you reach the bottom, make sure you drag out that Purple Conveyor Belt to the left and NOT the right. After pressing Switch #2 (Blue), you’ll enter the Red Pipe, taking you to the next section.



Switch #3 (Yellow) is in sight. Bounce off the Purple Springs as you approach the Switch, but keep an eye out for your Mini, and be sure to change the position of the Springs carefully.



You’ve passed all three tests. Now hop into the Cannon Kong, making sure you’ve removed the Spring right above it, and the Mini will be blasted up into the Gray Pipe that’ll take you back to the start.



You’re now back in the cannon from the start of the level. This time, fire downward to the Goal Door. Since you’ve pressed all the Switches, the coloured blocks have been toggled so they are active in their lower positions, both clearing the way, and forming the ground to reach the Goal Door.



And that’s the walkthrough for RBY Factory. Congratulations!
P.S. Did you remember to pick up the Blue M Coin from the conveyor belt section?


Submitted by: CuriousUser

Game: Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Starx



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