MPL Community Night – Super Mario Maker

Made a great level and want others to try it? Or are you simply wanting to see what your fellow members created?

You’re in luck because we’re going to devote our next Community Night to the creation and playing of Custom Super Mario Levels thanks to the just-released WiiU game Super Mario Maker!

What do I need to do to join?

Really? While the game itself isn’t multiplayer, we’re still able to share level codes and play that way! We will do so via the shoutbox below (or you can via the comments section, but please only start posting them once the actual event starts). It starts from our regular CN time this Saturday, September 12th at 1PM PST.

What if I didn’t get Super Mario Maker Day 1?

Sorry to hear that, but I do plan on recording some of the levels I play and will upload them here if you wana see what your fellow members have created! Also, if he’s around and able, SuperZambezi might even be streaming some of the levels he plays live! So even if you don’t own it yet, make sure you come because we plan to have a lot of fun with this event!

Important Notes:
– Respect the other creators. Don’t come on just to ruin everyone else’s fun.
– No cheating/glitches, or anything that could make your level broken unless you tell everyone first. Then it’s at their own risk.
– Please don’t spam in the shoutbox or comments – make sure that we’re able to easily access your levels!
– Finally – have fun!
Watch live video from MarioPartyLegacy on

We’ll be using the shoutbox below for the duration of the community night – feel free to chat with your fellow readers before we begin. See you all then!

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