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Make Your Own Caption #32



“Fox, use the Force.”

Winning caption submitted by: RLWilliams3D

Won with 4 votes out of 27 total votes (14.81%)

Hands Off My Prey!: Captions K (Mr. Dubstep) and N (Toblet), both with 3 votes

(list of captions)

(submitted by VideoTanooki)



Monday, August 17



Now only if Samus could legitimately enter herself multiple times for the Olympics…


Submitted by: 8B1T

Game: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U



Tuesday, August 18



Little Mac: “Yo, welcome to my Boxing Training Area! Please ignore the fact it’s in a boxing arena… budge cuts, y’know… So anyways, let’s take a look at what my Trainees are up to!”



“Punch it harder Villager! Make it die!”



“Yeah! That’s the spirit Bowser Jr.! Wait, are those MECHANICAL arms?”



“Whoa! Hey! NO Falcon Punching here!”



“Darn it Diddy, how many times do I need to tell you? DON’T! SLAP! THE PUNCHING BAGS!”


Submitted by: DiddyKongDerp

Game: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS



Wednesday, August 19



-Even though I have nearly all my hearts, there is a 98% chance that I will be hurt a billion times more than you will be. This is an unfair outcome from this battle.-


Submitted by: Luigifan3DSGCN

Game: Hyrule Warriors



Thursday, August 20



I didn’t submit this Bowser firework. I wonder who did…



Heh, I should have known…


Submitted by: Coin Hunter

Game: Animal Crossing: New Leaf



Friday, August 21



Welcome to this tour of Urchin Underpass! There’ll be construction work happening soon, so let’s start!



Our first spot is this war zone. This area will be opened wide up pretty soon, which will certainly make traversing the area a lot easier for us Inklings.



This is the second stop. As you can see to the right, there’s a wall blocking the way; but after the construction works, that wall will be gone. So will the wall on the other side – the layout of the Underpass is mirrored after all. Let’s keep moving.



Let’s take a look at this area, our third stop. While it may not be that interesting right now, I’ve heard that during construction, they might be adding a shield of some sorts. Speaking of changes, they’ll probably replace some of these poles with trees – gotta go green, you know! There’s not much time left before construction work starts – let’s head to our final stop!



Well, it’s not so much a stop as it is having a look at my map. The layout of the Underpass is going to be quite once construction is done – more details and areas will be added. Aren’t you excited? I certainly am!
Oh! It’s time for the Callie and Marie Show – gotta run! Thanks for sticking around for this Urchin Underpass tour! Now if you’ll excuse me…


Submitted by: Geoman

Game: Splatoon



Saturday, August 22



“Help me! There’s this martial arts frog sitting on my Arwing!
Aah, don’t stick your tongue at me, you bad frog! Get off my cockpit!
…I could use some help over here, Fox!”



“Get away from me, you Androssian scum! I don’t care if you’re not top tier anymore; go back to Venom where you came from!”


Submitted by: CuriousUser

Game: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U



Sunday, August 23



Welcome to World 1-1, however something seems a bit different. If you hadn’t noticed, (almost) everything in this world has been flipped upside down, and the only way to get through the level is to parkour through it.



Now don’t think it’s the same level, there are a few secrets to be found as well, as a few -minor- changes. Cloud Platforms; Doughnut Platforms; …Thwomps…?!



Oh, but of course, Fire Bars – can’t forget the Fire Bars. Like I said, these are all very MINOR changes, nothing that big. I’m sure you’ll be able to clear this level as easily as World 1-1. Trust me on this one.


Submitted by: MagiKooper

Game: (future concept for Super Mario Maker)



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