Mario Party Interactive 5+! (SIGN-UPS ARE OPEN!)


We’re excited to announce that the latest edition of Mario Party Interactive is coming soon to the MPL Forums! Hosted by the ever bodacious SpiderStaryu, this premier interactive Mario Party activity has had a long and decorated history since its humble beginnings all the way back in October 2010.

SpiderStaryu will be releasing lots of juicy details as we draw closer to sign-ups, so please check out the MPI/MPFS Wiki and stay up to date! We’ll also keep this page updated to direct you to the newest information as it comes!

If you’d like to join in the fun, make sure you make a forum account first – register now!
fter you do that, you can sign-up for MPI5+ now! Make sure you read the requirements first! Sign up here!


MPI5+ Announcement! (7/27/2015)
4 New Spaces! (7/27/2015)
9 New, Unique Abilities! (7/28/2015)
First New Board! Introducing… Swifty Speedway! (7/28/2015)
Trap Capsules; A New Type of Capsule! (7/29/2015)
Second New Board! Look, It’s… Stardust Stadium! (8/3/2015)
Third New Board! It’s the Ever Elusive… Misty Rainforest! (8/3/2015)
Whoa, Look Out! There Are 7 Bonus Stars! (8/4/2015)
Fourth New Board! It’s Christmas Time with… Blizzard Brouhaha! (8/5/2015)
Fifth New Board! Try Not to Get Burned on… Vehement Volcano! (8/5/2015)
The Stackable Status Ailments! (8/7/2015)
Sixth New Board! Chocolates and Sweets for Everyone at… Scissor Queen’s Patisserie! (8/8/2015)
Seventh New Board! An Amazing Sight… Vivid Vicinity! (8/12/2015)
Eighth New Board! A Blast From the Past… Fate’s Forest! (8/14/2015)
Ninth New Board! A Musical Masterpiece… Neon Crescendo! (8/14/2015)
Tenth New Board! Minigames Are Everywhere in… Game Wizard’s Enterprise! (8/15/2015)

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