Take Our Tour of the Nintendo Booth at E3 2015

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to step foot in the Nintendo booth at the biggest gaming convention of the year? Mario Party Legacy was fortunate enough to return to E3 2015 for our fourth year, but we don’t want to make this awesome trip alone. Take a trip through this year’s Nintendo booth through our eyes! The image below shows a general layout of the booth:

Let’s start with the bottom half of the booth. Nearly half of the Nintendo booth this year is dedicated to Star Fox Zero, one of Nintendo’s most highly anticipated titles. The photo was taken from the bottom left corner of the booth:

And here is a look at the spectacular Star Fox section:

Next is a look at the amiibo stand near the center of the booth, just after the Star Fox demos and before the Treehouse Live stage:

A closer look at the amiibo stands:

To the right is where all the Treehouse Live magic happens:

To the left of the Treehouse Live stage and in the top right corner of the booth is the the big Super Mario Maker section and stage. The rounded area features demos of the game all around the outside wall, while the front of the center wall has a stage set up for fans to partake in Super Mario Maker challenges. On the opposite side, a photo opportunity awaits.

View the video above in your Chrome browser to see a 360 view of the booth!

From the Super Mario Maker area, walk forward to find the rest of Nintendo’s games tucked away into the top left corner of the booth. Closest to Star Fox Zero is Yoshi’s Woolly World, followed by copies of Zelda: Triforce Heroes set on triforce shaped tables.

Not far from there are the Mario Tennis: Ultra Slam demos, as well as the Blast Ball and Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam demos on the left. In the very back, a Skylanders section is set up showing off the new Donkey Kong and Bowser figurines, along with a single demo for Just Dance 2016. Here is a panorama shot from the top left corner of the booth:

And with that, we’ve seen all there is to see at the Nintendo booth this year! To end, check out one last panorama shot from the center of the booth. Enjoy!

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